Elite athletes and performers

If you're an elite athlete or performer and your commitments will have an impact on your studies, you may be eligible to Register for ongoing support for your studies.

Are you an elite athlete waiting on an application or an appointment?

Check these steps for registration.

If you are an elite athlete, make sure you are registered with MU sport first, submit your application for ongoing support (instructions below) and then send an email to equity-disability@unimelb.edu.au with some suggested times you are available for discussion with an Equitable Learning Adviser. Please include ‘Elite Athlete’ and your Student ID in the subject heading.

Please continue to monitor your student email and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

Who is eligible?

Elite athletes

To be considered an elite athlete, you must be associated with one of the following organisations:

You must also have been granted Elite Athlete Recognition through the Melbourne University Sport Elite Athlete Program.

Elite performers

To be considered an elite performer, you must be a performing artist with one of the following organisations:

Types of support available

The University may make education adjustments to your studies to help offset any disadvantage you might face without them.

Education adjustments (sometimes referred to as equitable adjustments) are changes to how subjects are taught and assessed.

Adjustments are made on a case-by-case basis, and may include:

  • Alternative exam arrangements
  • Extensions to assignments
  • Flexibility in attendance requirements.

Once you have applied for support, one of our Student Equity Advisers will work with you to create an Academic Adjustment Plan (AAP) based on your needs.

How to register

Registration for ongoing support is voluntary. You can register at any time during your studies. However, we recommend registration when enrolling in your course to allow for appropriate education adjustments to be accommodated by your academics and other support staff.


Supporting documentation

Elite athletes

Once you have been granted Elite Athlete Recognition through the Melbourne University Sport Elite Athlete Program, you can provide us with your completed Elite Athlete Recognition form as supporting documentation for your registration.

It is your responsibility to contact Melbourne University Sport to complete this form and other necessary forms for the Elite Athlete Program. You can contact Melbourne University Sport using the following details:

Elite Athlete Program
Melbourne University Sport
Phone: +61 3 9035 3626
Email: elite-athletes@unimelb.edu.au

Elite performers

Please provide a letter on the official letterhead of your performance organisation which outlines your professional obligations as an elite performer. The letter must be written and signed by your director, manager or a similar person of authority from one of the recognised institutions listed above.

Useful resources

These resources may also be helpful to students who are elite athletes or performers.

  • Melbourne University Sport
    Melbourne University Sport manages the fitness, sports and recreation facilities, programmes and activities of the University.
  • Standards for equity support
    Information about student equity and disability support standards at the University of Melbourne for students, staff, and the wider University community.

Need help?

If you still have questions relating to ongoing support for elite athletes or performers, please contact Stop 1.