Complete the final steps

We hope you had an unforgettable experience and have made many lifelong friends. Now it’s time to ensure your stay at your host institution is complete and any relevant credit points are transferred back to your University of Melbourne degree.

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Must do

  • Pay all host institution costs

    Your host institution will be in contact with you to ensure all fees (eg library and accommodation fees) are finalised and provide detailed instructions on how to pay. If you have any questions, be sure to contact the host institution directly.

  • Be aware of transcript requirements

    In order to get credit for the study you completed overseas, the University of Melbourne needs to receive a transcript from your host institution. This transcript lists the results for the subjects you completed.

    Many of the partner institutions will send this transcript to the University of Melbourne automatically at the end of your overseas study or (for some institutions) at the end of the academic year. However, there are some universities that require you to order the transcript yourself before you complete your overseas study.

    For example, students studying in Germany will be provided with a document called a 'Schein' for each subject from your lecturer at the completion of the semester. You'll need to collate these and provide them to the international office at your host institution to receive your official transcript.

    If you receive the transcript directly

    If the host institution sends the transcript straight to you, please provide the original document to the Global Learning team for processing.

    • Hard-copy documents should be brought in-person to Stop 1.
    • Digital documents should be provided by submitting an enquiry to the Global Learning team.

    If it is sent to University of Melbourne

    We’ll scan the transcript for our records before asking you to come and collect it. It is important you keep your transcript safe for future reference, whether it be further study, scholarship applications or job interviews.

    Once we have the transcript loaded into your file, we will begin the process of transferring the appropriate credit points. Credit is only given for subjects that were approved by University of Melbourne and successfully completed. Any failed subjects will not carry credit.

    Note: There is no transfer of marks from study completed overseas except for Honours students. If you are concerned about the implications this will have on future study, please contact Stop 1.


    The time it takes to receive transcripts from your host institution will vary depending on their process and whether or not they send them directly. Don't worry if others have received theirs before you. If you have completed the final semester of your degree while on exchange there may be additional delays with receiving your transcript from the host institution.

    Also note: graduation or further study at a graduate or honours level can only be completed once transcripts have been received.

  • Fulfil scholarship requirements (if applicable)

    If you have received a scholarship, it is your responsibility to ensure you meet all necessary requirements. These requirements would have been outlined when you received the scholarship.

Good to do

  • Requisite waiver

    If you have successfully completed a prerequisite or corequisite while overseas, you will need to request a requisite waiver. Instructions on how to do this is available on our Requisite waiver page.

  • Get help settling back

    For many students, studying overseas is a life-changing experience. It's important to reflect on your adventures and experiences, as they may carry long into your future work and study. It's also not uncommon to experience a sense of loss upon returning home. Attend our returning students' Reflection Workshop to get help with:

    • Dealing with reverse culture shock
    • Connecting with other students who have recently returned from overseas study
    • Translating your overseas experience into skills for your resumé.

    See our student services workshops and sessions page for more information.

  • Share your stories

    We would love to hear more about your overseas study experience! Provide advice to students considering overseas study and share your stories to inspire your peers. You may even see your stories featured on our website and brochures to help promote overseas study programs!

    You can tell us about your adventures by:

    • Filling out our Overseas Study Survey
    • Volunteering at our Overseas Study Fair
    • Speaking at a myWorld First Step session or Explore my exchange options session
    • Helping out at our inbound briefing day at the start of each semester
    • Sharing your #melbourneglobal experiences on our Global Learning blog
    • Tagging your overseas study Instagram photos with #melbourneglobal, #mymelbournemyworld, or @melbourneglobal.

    Keep an eye out for our emails asking for your help. Or, if you are interested in sharing your stories, please submit an online enquiry with the heading 'share my exchange experiences'.

  • Help us improve

    We believe the best way to improve the overseas study experience for students is to hear from those who have undertaken a program with us. We will be emailing you shortly with the opportunity to share any feedback you can provide. This is an excellent way to tell us about your experiences during the application process, as well as your time overseas.

What's next?

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