Go overseas

Welcome to your host destination and institution! While you’re exploring, there are a couple of quick admin tasks to keep in mind.

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Enrol at your host institution

Some host institutions will require you to enrol on arrival. Any questions about enrolment at this point should be directed to your host institution. They will likely have emailed you relevant details.

Finalise your overseas study plan

Once you've enrolled at your host institution, you will need to confirm the overseas study plan you created in Step 2 of this guide.

If you need to change any of the subjects on the plan, for example due to a timetable clash, submit a new subject to your overseas study planner for assessment. You are required to do this as soon as you are made aware of any need to change your subject(s), to ensure the new subjects are assessed for credit transfer to your University of Melbourne degree. If not, you may not receive credit from your overseas study program.

Once all your subjects are confirmed, commit your subjects and finalise your full overseas study plan.

Check out our overseas study plan statuses FAQ for more details.

Finalise your placeholder subject enrolments

If changes to your overseas study plan impact the number (e.g. 12.5 instead of 25 points) or type (breadth, elective, core) of credit you are seeking to transfer to your University of Melbourne degree, you will need to submit an online enquiry to Stop 1 to have your placeholder subjects updated.

Attend orientation

The best way to settle in to your new surroundings is to attend orientation. If you haven't received orientation details directly from your host institution, send them an email or check in with them on arrival.

Attend your classes and complete your assessments

Ensure that you have the materials you need for class, and that you are aware of attendance and assessment requirements for the program.

Organise your academic transcript

Some host institutions will require you to order them before you return to Australia. Check with your host institution for more information.

Re-enrol at the University of Melbourne

Unless you are finishing your degree while overseas, you must re-enrol for the next semester.

  • If you plan to take a break from study in the following semester: You still need to re-enrol by the due date. You can apply for Leave of Absence for the period when you won’t be studying.
  • If you are finishing your University of Melbourne degree while overseas: You will not need to re-enrol.

Check your student email

We may send you important information while you are away. It is your responsibility to make sure you check your university emails at least twice a week. You are still expected to respond to any communications sent to you from the University of Melbourne.

Keep in mind: you are an ambassador for the University of Melbourne

Remember that while you are overseas, you are an ambassador and representative of the University of Melbourne. As such, you are still obligated to comply with the student conduct policy.

What's next?

Step 8: Transfer your credit