Round 5 Grant Recipients 2018

Project Project Coordinator Project Description Amount Funded
1. Promoting Inclusion in Sport Rhys Thomas, Student Org Funds will be used to financially support international female table tennis athletes who qualify to participate at a national level. Funding to be spent on: 6 players' accommodation, flights, transportation and food while representing the University. $1,200
2. Melbourne China Law Society Jin Yan, Student Org The Melbourne China Law Society is a student society based in the Melbourne Law School. Main events and projects comprise four main areas: 1) Career Events: Hong Kong Law Fair and Clerkships Seminars; 2) Competitions; 3) Academic enrichment, lunch time seminars on Chinese law; 4) Chinese language education. The project will increase students’ exposure to the various possible career opportunities both domestically and abroad, allowing them to make fully informed decisions about where they should aim to start their career. Also equip them with practical skills relevant to legal workplaces. Funding to be spent on: catering, teaching material, marketing material, venue hire and volunteers. $10,000
3. Bathurst RE-ORG Daniel Schwartz, Student Org The Bathurst RE-ORG project is the assessment, consultation, and reorganisation of the cultural material storage facilities of the Bathurst Regional Council museums and other cultural institutions. This initiative aims to provide students with opportunities for exposure to cultural conservation resources and develop their hands-on skills in the museum environment. Funding to be spent on: transportation, accommodation, and food for a group of five students. $6,000
4. Gym Refurbishment Leonie Richards, Staff Member (Werribee) This project will refurbish the gym equipment in Kendall Hall to enrich the experience of veterinary students at Werribee campus. Funding to be spent on: Rower, treadmill and exercise bike. $8,635
5. Melbourne University Biomedicine Students' Orchestra (MUBSO) James Choi, Student Org The Melbourne University Biomedicine Student’s Orchestra (MUBSO) is an UMSU-affiliated music club for students. Funding to be spent on: concert venue hire, rehearsal venue hire, rehearsal refreshments, instrument hire, printing expenses, concert refreshments, concert gifts and club banner. $9,880
6. GirlCode Karina Reyes, Student, Student Org GirlCode is a two-day intensive all-female Hackathon organised by Women in Tech. This event aims to provide a platform for participants to express ideas, be inspired and gain confidence. Funding to be spent on: food, venue support officer, merchandise and prizes. $6,474
7. FVAS Careers and Internships Fair Alana Marriner, Staff Member The FVAS Careers and Internships Fair will provide graduates with opportunities to engage with key employers in agriculture, food and veterinary science, boosting employment prospects and strengthening networks. This event will incorporate both an exhibition component and scheduled presentations from industry representatives. Funding to be spent on: staff salary, equipment hire, printing of communication materials, catering, table hire and transportation. $5,000
8. If you lived here, you would be home by now Ben Bardas, Student This project is a one-day student group exhibition seeking to discuss the relationship between gentrification and the arts. Creating site-specific artworks, this project hopes to impact the nature of the work and in doing so inform and enrich the artistic practice of those involved. Grant to be spent on: venue hire, transport of art work, catering and promotional material. $2,910
9. Wildings 2019 Anna Helme, Student Follow up to 2017's highly successful Wildings project, this year Wildings features the program DESIRES & RESISTANCE: Unearthing Trans* Legacies curated by Los Angeles based transgender filmmakers and curator Finn Paul with local content from Australia and New Zealand. The program offers students unique creative and learning opportunities and a chance to take part in a vibrant collaboration between the university, the new ACMIX and the Melbourne Queer Film Festival. $10,000
10. Chainsaw training for Forest Science and Landscape Ecosystem Management Students Kent Bennett, Student This project aims to provide a short course (2-3 days) for students to be accredited for the use and maintenance of chainsaws in the workplace, which is valued and required by most employers and entry level jobs in the land management and Forestry.  $5,970
11. World Universities Debating Championships Contingent 2020 Allen Gu, Student Org The University of Melbourne Debating Team are sending a contingent of at least three teams and two adjudicators to the tournament to participate in the World Universities Debating Championships. Funding to be spent on: registration and travel subsidies. $10,000
12. UniMelb Adventures Alain Nguyen, Student UniMelb Adventures is one of the largest publications about university life in Australia, based at the University of Melbourne. It is run by a dedicated team of student volunteers who are passionate about informing the wider campus community about the opportunities and tips in being a student at Australia’s Number 1 university. Funding to be spent on: WordPress Business 1 year subscription, Todiust Premium To-Do and Team Subscription, Rode smartLav+Smart Device Microphone. $518
13. NWEB (Student Gallery Initiative) Residency Madeleine Peters, Student A student gallery project which aims to provide students an opportunity to continue their arts work and to showcase student projects in a new environment by using the vacant space in the 1st year painting department throughout the school year. Grant to be spent on: rent of artist residence for 9 nights, transport, food and additional materials for art productions for students while undertaking the residency at the F Project in Warrnambool, Victoria. $2,330
14. Perspektif Magazine Janice Halim, Student Perspektif Magazine is a bi-annual student magazine that curates Indonesian written pieces and photography, ideas and initiatives. We would like to target more students by delivering more workshops, photo booths, and holding launch events to engage students in conversations about thought-provoking writing while networking at the same time. Grant to be spent on: printing, launch event, workshops, merchandise and competitions. $5,000
15. Graduate Education Society: Student Wellbeing, Professional Development and Engagement Program Jak Hancock, Student, Org Graduate Education Society (GES) aims to improve the student experience in the MGSE community by engaging students in various social events and providing them with professional development opportunities to  enhance their employability. Grant to be spent on: publicity materials, catering for regular BBQ events, catering for wellbeing events and wellbeing activities. $4,000
16. Australian Play Project 'Masterclass Series' Dominic Weintraub, Student This project will bring in four to six theatre makers from varying disciplines who are each in the process of developing method for generating live performance to run workshops in which students, from a range of schools, will have the opportunity to engage with, and explore a unique mode of making theatre. Grant to be spent on: Artist fee of $100 per hour for practical  workshops as well as food and drink (12 weeks x $40 per week). $4,080
17. 2019 SEFS Graduate Research Student Conference Tegan Brown, Student The student conference is a three-day event that brings together graduate research students from three different campuses (Burnley, Parkville & Creswick) in a networking, learning, and training initiative to connect and empower the graduate student cohort in the School of Ecosystem and Forest Science. Grant to be spent on: catering, accommodation for Creswick students. $9,141
18. FVAS Graduate Mentoring Program Alana Marriner, Staff Member The FVAS Graduate Mentoring Program aims to connect Masters students with Victorian-based alumni mentors and industry professionals to improve students' career outcomes. Grant to be spent on: workshops, external consultants' facilitation fee, networking lunch and dinner at University House and overnight field trip to Gippsland $6,000
19. University of Melbourne Medical Students' Society Orchestra Christina Guo, Student Org The University of Melbourne Medical Students’ Society (UMMSS) is an UMSU-affiliated music club for students. Grant to be spent on: concert venue hire, conductor fees, rehearsal space hire, social events catering, percussion hire and rehearsal catering. $7,700
20. UMSU International Festival of Nations Aviya Bavati, UMSU, Student Org Festival of Nations is a two day long, annual event which aims to bring about cross-cultural exchange through food, games and performances. With an attendance of approximately 4000, Festival of Nations is one of the largest student run and led events in the state. Approximately 25 international student clubs will get together with UMSU International to sell a mouth-watering variety of ethnic food and to showcase their cultures through games, performances and costumes. Grant to be spent on: performance, chef hire, decoration materials, videographer, security hire, equipment hire and game hire. $15,000
21. Kendall Hall Squash and Badminton Court Refurbishment Nadine Carter, Staff Member (Werribee) This project will deliver a much needed upgrade of the sporting facilities in the Kendall Hall of Residence gym by refurbishing the Squash and Badminton Courts for Kendall Hall residents and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) cohorts who attend the Werribee Campus for lectures and Veterinary Hospital placements. Grant to be spent on: Timber Floor replacement, line marking, repaint walls. repair roof leaks and contingency. $35,000
22. Infection and Immunity PhD Program Marie Greyer, Staff Member The Infection and Immunity PhD Program is delivered by the University of Melbourne at the Peter Doherty Institute (PDI) for Infection and Immunity. This multidisciplinary program was implemented to enhance the graduate research experience and career outcomes by offering supplementary first class research training in the form of workshops, seminars, and internships. Grant to be spent on: workshop lecturers, appreciation gifts, thesis boot camp, venue hire, catering for all workshops and events, and marketing costs. $54,000
23. Mudfest 2019 - Student Arts Festival Susan Hewitt, UMSU, Student Org Mudfest, run through UMSU, is the University of Melbourne’s biennial arts festival. Beginning in 1990, it has since grown into the largest student arts festival in Australia. Encompassing a diverse range of arts practices including visual and performing, film and music, Mudfest also encourages innovative collaborations between established art forms that defy categorisation. $60,000
24. Union House - a pictorial documentation Sandie Bridie, UMSU, Student Org To mark the re-location of UMSU to the New Student Precinct, UMSU will create a hardback full colour publication of photographic images that document Union House today. This commemorative book will be a celebration of the life of Union House and an important current record of student life and activity to mark the end of the UMSU's habitation of Union House. Grant to be spent on: artist's fees, student photographers, designer fee, printing fees for 200 copies and contingency costs. $16,919
25. 234 Queensberry Street - Level 4 Study Space Activation and Student Wellbeing Support Andrew Murray, Student, Student Org To combat the lack of greenspace at MGSE and a physical disconnect through distance from the other green areas of the University, the level 4 deck will be transformed into a living study space using plants, water and outdoor furniture, as well as logistical support for student activities in this space.  The level 4 kitchenette will be supplemented with equipment and supplies to enable students to store/reheat food and make hot drinks. Grant to be spent on: level 4 balcony space and kitchenette space. $27,662
26. Expansion of MUEEC student project program: ARRP Tony Srour, Student, Student Org The Autonomous Robotics Research Program (ARRP) is a program run by Melbourne University Electronic Engineering Club (MUEEC) that provides members with the opportunity to work on technical project challenges that will extend their engineering skills. Grant to be spent on: purchasing electronic equipment and workshops. $20,720
27. Increasing access to WIL for STEM students Fiona Simpson, Staff Member This pilot program aims to provide financial support to close the gap in funding opportunities for students who will be financially disadvantaged through domestic travel and/or impacts associated with cost of living whilst undertaking an internship or WIL experience. $52,500
28. Indigenous Global Exchange Network for Health Sciences PhD Students David Gallant, Staff Member Funds will be used to support costs of an international Indigenous PhD scholarly program bringing together select universities around the globe to provide opportunities for Indigenous students to network, build relationships and develop collective visions. $75,250
29. Maths Skills Drop-in Centre Anthony Morphett, Staff Member The Maths Skills Drop-in Centre will be a place where students from across the University can come for support with numeracy and quantitative skills they need to be successful in their studies. The Drop-in Centre will offer worksheets, addressing common areas of difficulty, and provide peer leaders who can help with individual problems and study skills. Grant to be spent on: peer leader salaries, student manager salaries and project support and incidentals. $94,597
30. MDSC Wellness Program Justin Lee, Student This is the third iteration of the MD Student Conference (MDSC) Wellness Program, which will provide the students of the University of Melbourne Medical School with activities designed to promote mental wellbeing and foster a sense of community throughout MDSC 2019. Grant to be spent on: wellness lounge, activities, student accommodation at Queen's College, therapy puppies hiring fee, tour de conference and trivia night. $25,000
31. Nail it! - or how to get essential skills to work in the arts Maria Teresa Tavares Costa, Student This project aims to offer students fundamental hands-on skills to work independently or to seek employment in the arts. Students will receive training on artworks handling and exhibition installation, grants and job applications, workplace health and safety and risk management, equity and gender representation, as well as Indigenous cultural awareness and trans-cultural practices. Grant to be spent on: workshop facilitators, mentorship, studio/space hire and equipment hire. $20,000
32. The Climate Reality Project: Careers in Environment Linh Do, Staff Member The Climate Reality Project (TCRP) works to catalyse global solutions to the climate crisis by making urgent action a necessity across every level of society. We support volunteer leaders to advocate and implement climate solutions. The grant will enable us to effectively engage young people to be climate leaders. We will do this through three elements: 1) working with faculties to host environment career fairs  2) a student competition on implementable climate solutions and 3) the selection and mentoring of students to attend our Asia-Pacific 2019 training in Brisbane with former US Vice President Al Gore. $55,454
33. Supporting Students with complex health and support needs - pilot Maddy McMaster, Staff Member This project will test a new strategy that aims to develop ways of making favourable outcomes at the University more achievable for those students experiencing complex personal, social, academic and /or behavioural issues to success. Grant to be spent on: employment of two specialist student support staff for 12 months to test whether this approach is effective in increasing positive outcomes and reducing the likelihood of escalation to crisis point for these students and the staff that work with them. $247,208
34. Connecting through Science Casey Hollway, Staff Member This is a peer-to-peer mentoring program run by the Faculty of Science which matches students in a cross-cultural mentoring relationship, and offers those students the opportunity to participate in a series of specifically planned social and professional development activities. Grant to be spent on: staff time, catering, workshop, coffee vouchers and wrap up event for guest speakers. $25,097
35. GSA LEAD (Leadership Exploration and Development) Beornn McCarthy, GSA, Student Org This is a graduate leadership development program which will offer over 100 Explorers (participants) and Hosts (participant volunteers) a chance to develop and explore their leadership skills across individual, group and community dimensions. GSA LEAD would run each semester, partner with University divisions, and be co-designed with graduate students. This grant would provide for the program to be run twice a year. Grant to be spent on: program manager salaries, casual salaries, consultant fees, vouchers, equipment, photobooth hire, merchandise, licenses, marketing and promotion, catering, accommodation and venue hire. $211,310
36. Melbourne University Music Festival Itsi Weinstock, Student The Melbourne University Music Festival is a week long event which will bring together students at the University that are involved in music, whether through their studies or in an extracurricular capacity, and set up a collaborative framework for future music projects. Grant to be spent on: festival coordinator, security, advertising, audio visual and photography. $47,996
37. Multidisciplinary Alumni and Peer Engagement and Networking Initiatives Kwang Cham, Staff Member This student-led initiative aims to offer and support domestic and international students in establishing alumni and peer networking opportunities in a multidisciplinary environment. Round table discussions, social and sporting events will be held to bridge the gap between students within the cross-disciplines, and alumni. The project will serve to foster meaningful connections and a sense of belonging within the Faculty, thereby enriching the student experience at University of Melbourne.  
38. Melbourne University Ski Club (MUSKI) Facility Upgrade Elliot Shaw, MUSKI, Student Org Melbourne University Ski Club (MUSKI) will expand and update its operations in regard to ski hire and club administration, with the move to new club facilities located at 171 Berkeley Street, Parkville. This follows a trend of expansion within the club of its membership base and activities conducted. To continue providing positive and accessible opportunities for University of Melbourne students MUSKI will upgrade its facilities. The club requires free standing shelving and storage solutions for its ski hire and administration spaces to meet the projected growth and demand on club facilities. $9,600
39. Strong Women Bridgid Junot, MU Sport The MU Sport Board commissioned research into barriers and drivers for women’s sports participation. The Equity in Sport Report’s 32 recommendations will form the basis of Strong Women. Strong Women seeks to address two concerns for women students. 1) Address sexual assault on campus by promoting gender equality through sports clubs’ programs and activities. We will empower club ambassadors, “Champions of Change,” to lead teammates, coaches and participants to advocate for respectful behaviour towards women. 2) Increase opportunities for women students to participate in MU Sports. Victorian women aged 18-24 are 11% less likely to participate in sport than men. $120,000
40. Indigenous Sport Program Michael Fox, MU Sport

In 2017 MU Sport received SSAF funding to deliver the Indigenous Sport Program. The Program’s objectives were to increase participation among the University's Indigenous Students in a range of specialised sporting initiatives including, linking students with sporting and recreational clubs, reimbursements for University sport clubs, complimentary fitness memberships, support for Indigenous Nationals and entry into social sport competitions.The Indigenous Sport Program successfully supported students to engage in a range of sporting, fitness and recreational opportunities and community development programs, improving this cohort's campus experience. MU Sport continue to deliver this program in 2019.

41. Developing Employability: Supporting non-performance career pathways for musicians Susan de Weger, Staff Member Given systemic employment challenges in the performing arts, musicians must be supported to imagine self-created performance and non-performance pathways for their careers and to develop arts entrepreneurship and enterprise skills. This project augments the traditional conservatory education by encouraging individuals to be learners rather than students. The range of opportunities have been designed to prepare young musicians for portfolio careers that could include self-created performance opportunities, music education in a variety of contexts and the development and management of creative projects. $83,950
42. Grad Group Leadership Training Emily De Rango

GSA supports 112 affiliated Grad Groups, with a combined membership of over 20,000 graduate students. Student-run groups are a vital part of the University community. This project will develop and deliver high-quality on-demand training and resources for the leaders of GSA’s Grad Groups, to mitigate the risks associated with student-run groups and enable student leaders to manage their groups effectively.This will lead to greater engagement throughout the graduate student community, more effective interactions between Grad Groups and the University, and greater value derived from the SSAF funding utilised by Grad Groups.