Step 6: Complete your administrative enrolment

As a study abroad or exchange student, completing your administrative enrolment means that you can enrol in your course and in pre-approved subjects before you arrive in Australia.

Enrol in your course

At the University of Melbourne, the word ‘course’ is used to refer to the degree or program that you are studying. For example, Bachelor of Science, undergraduate exchange or Doctor of Philosophy.

Start your enrolment

Information you will need

Your contact information

  1. Australian residential address. If you are yet to confirm an Australian address, please add it in when known and mark it as your 'contact address' so correspondence during your studies gets to you easily.
  2. An overseas permanent address. This is known as your 'home address'.
  3. Emergency contact details.

When you’re entering your contact information, such as your overseas permanent address, you must only use English characters. Your enrolment could be delayed if you use non-English characters for your details when you’re enrolling.

Your visa information

  1. If you have received your visa, you will need:
    • Visa subclass
    • Visa reference number
    • Expiry date of your current visa
  2. If you have applied for but not yet received your visa, you will need the receipt number or Transaction Reference Number (TRN).

If you haven't applied for a student visa or your visa is not granted yet, when you are prompted during the enrolment process, please enter 'Visa Applied For' (VAP), your passport number and your CoE end date. Once your student visa is granted, you must update your student record via the Student Portal.

Other information

  • You will be asked to provide details about your citizenship, cultural and educational background. This information is being collected for Australian Government statistical purposes.
  • If you will be receiving scholarship payments, you'll need to provide the details of your Australian bank account.
  • If you require support with a disability, provide this information when completing your administrative enrolment, speak to staff at Stop 1 when you arrive on campus, or contact Disability Services.
  • Please note, study abroad and exchange students are not required to have a USI number.

I have completed my administrative enrolment. What's next?

Step 7: Enrol in your subjects