Step 7: Enrol in your subjects

Enrolling in subjects at a different University can be a daunting task. If you have any questions, contact our staff at Stop 1 for advice.

Enrol in your subjects online

Pre-approved subjects are automatically loaded into your Study Plan. You can go ahead and enrol in these subjects via your Study Plan before you arrive in Melbourne.

Your Study Plan is the online tool that structures your course. You can manage your enrolment by planning, enrolling and changing subjects in your Study Plan. It will show your major, minor, specialisation, and subject options available for you to choose from.

For more information, see our Study Plan FAQ.

Note that enrolling in subjects is different to creating your timetable – you’ll do this later on.

Tips for enrolling in subjects

  1. Only enrol in 'Approved' subjects. When enrolling into subjects, you will need to view your Study Plan. When viewing your Study Plan, keep in mind that you can only enrol in subjects listed in the 'Approved' category. You are not permitted to enrol in subjects listed in the other categories.
  2. Manage your load. You are allowed to enrol in a minimum of three subjects (or 37.5 points) and a maximum of four subjects (or 50 points) for the semester.
  3. Manage your Study Plan. In the first two weeks of semester you will be able to add and drop subjects, once you have been approved to enrol in them. Adding new subjects will require approval from your home institution first, then from the University of Melbourne.
  4. Check for prerequisites. If a subject in your Study Plan is 'Pending', you may be asked to provide additional information to Stop 1 staff to demonstrate that you meet the prerequisites.

I have enrolled in my subjects. What's next?

Step 8: Order your student card