Step 9: Start creating your timetable

Once you’ve enrolled in your subjects, you will be ready to start building your class timetable.

You can build your class timetable using MyTimetable, where you can view class options for all subjects and submit your preferred class timetable for your enrolled subjects.

Once everyone has submitted their preferred class options, before semester starts MyTimetable will generate your class timetable which you can review and make any adjustments.

MyTimetable involves three steps:

Icons representing the three stages of creating your class timetable: plan, select preferences, and review and adjust.
  1. Plan: you can use the planner tool to see an example clash-free timetable for subjects you’re enrolled in or are considering studying. You can also use the planner to view class times for all University subjects offered in the upcoming study period. The planning step is not compulsory for building your timetable, but sample timetables generated by the planner can help to guide your class preference selections in the next step.
  2. Select preferences: once you've enrolled, select your preferred class times for your subjects. You can change your preferences at any time during this period, so check back regularly to see if more classes have been made available for you to preference.
  3. Review and adjust: once you receive your timetable, you can review what classes you've been allocated to and make any adjustments you need. If you enrol into subjects after the review and adjust period opens, you can allocate yourself directly into any available classes.

Each step has a deadline, so please be aware of the timetable dates.

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I've started creating my timetable. What's next?

Step 10: Attend SAEX Welcome Day