Insurance FAQs

These FAQs do not cover all details of the various University insurance policies. You should always read the policy documents, including policy wording and schedule, carefully.


  • Who is my insurer, and what is my policy number?

    To find out more information about your insurer and policy number, see the policy schedule or certificate.

  • Will my claim be accepted?

    Your claim is assessed and determined by the insurer. We can only advise on possible sections of the policy wording under which your claim may be covered or liaise with the insurer in case of dispute on a claim.

    The final decision on the claim is made by the insurer. We cannot provide comment on whether or not your claim will be accepted.

    A claims assessor would typically consider whether the situation was an unforeseen circumstance outside your control. Eg If you book connecting flights with only a one hour gap it could be viewed as a foreseen risk that you could miss the connecting flight.

  • I recently graduated. Will I be covered for University activities?

    No. The University's insurance program is designed to specifically cover your course related activities.

    Once your course requirements are complete, any subsequent work experience, internships or placements are regarded as professional development which is beyond the scope of our Insurance program.

Travel insurance

  • My claim was accepted. How will my costs be reimbursed?

    You are expected to pay any costs incurred upfront. Upon accepting your claim, Fullerton will reimburse your incurred costs to your nominated account - minus any applicable excess.

    In the case of major costs including hospitalisation, you should call the emergency contact number and billing will be arranged direct to the insurer.

  • How do I obtain a certificate of confirmation for my travel insurance?

    If you need a certificate of confirmation with your details including name, please email with the relevant information including approval from the University for your travel.

  • How do I obtain a travel or health insurance waiver?

    Please provide your host university with our travel insurance policy wording and policy schedule.

    Ask the university to confirm if our travel insurance policy meets the requirements. If yes, and you still require a form signed, send us the form. It will take a minimum of two business days for us to respond with a signed form.

    We do not provide a health insurance policy for students or staff. If our travel insurance is not sufficient for your host university, you will need to arrange the necessary insurance outside the University of Melbourne’s insurance program.

  • How can I get additional travel insurance while travelling?

    If your additional travel is personal travel, or if your total journey duration exceeds 365 days from the date of departure from Australia to date of arrival in Australia, you can purchase additional insurance from Chubb Travel Insurance.

    See the FAQs for this product.

    If your additional travel is approved by the University then cover applies (subject to total duration of 365 days). Approval requires that your itinerary is logged in a University system.

    Where your travel is to a high risk destination, refer to health and safety for advice.

  • Is use of a motorbike covered?

    Genrally, yes. The travel insurance policy wording states:

    We will not pay benefits with respect to any loss, damage, liability, event, bodily injury or sickness which directly or indirectly:

    • results from a covered person:
      • flying, or engaging in aerial activities other than as a passenger in an aircraft licensed to carry passengers; or
      • training for and/or participating in professional sport of any kind.

    As motorbike riding doesn’t fall under this category, you would generally be covered in this instance as long as you abide by local laws (appropriate license/helmet/not under the influence etc) in line with the policy terms and conditions.

  • Is motor vehicle hire covered?

    Yes, as long as you have purchased all compulsory insurance provided by the rental company against loss or damage to the vehicle. The University travel insurance policy will then cover the excess payable if the rental vehicle is involved in an accident or stolen. Refer to the schedule of benefits in the policy summary for more details.

    When driving in Victoria:

    • Medical expenses resulting from an accident are covered by the TAC (Transport Accident Commission) if you are a driver or passenger. For more details see the TAC website.
    • There is no cover for the loss of, or damage to a private (non-University) vehicle under the University insurance program. You should ensure your vehicle is adequately insured.
  • Will I be covered for pre-existing conditions?

    A pre-existing is defined in the policy wording as:

    • "any physical defect, condition, illness or disease for which treatment, medication or advice (including advice for treatment) has been received or prescribed by a Doctor or Dentist in the twelve (12) months immediately prior to the Covered Person’s Journey"; or
    • "a condition, the manifestation of symptoms of which a reasonable person in the circumstances would be expected to be aware of at the time of booking their Journey."

    Essentially, cover for pre-existing conditions - including pregnancy - is limited to emergencies/unexpected costs. You will be covered for immediate medical expenses incurred to treat an unexpected occurrence, as outlined in Section 4 of the policy wording.

    What's not covered:

    • Normal and expected routine medical, optical or dental treatment or consultations such as scans, regular blood tests, check-ups.
    • The replacement of prescription medicine in the absence of any occurrence.


    The policy wording states: "If during the Period of Insurance and whilst the person is a Covered Person and on a Journey, the Covered Person sustains a Bodily Injury which results in premature childbirth (prior to twenty-six (26) weeks gestation) or miscarriage, the University Travel Insurance Policy will provide the Insured Person the lump sum benefit amount shown under Section 1 in the Schedule of Benefits as Premature Birth."

    We advise you to check with your airlines if you are allowed to travel during pregnancy, as there may be restrictions.

    What's not covered:

    • If you are due for a pregnancy check-up including screening and scan, which is scheduled to occur when you are out of the country, these routine medical expenses in the absence of any unforeseen injury or sickness would not be covered.

    You should read the policy documents for more detailed information.

  • Is use of a private vehicle covered during University activities?

    If you travel to a University activity by public transport, or by driving your own vehicle, you do so at your own risk.

    The University will not accept any liability which may arise from the use of a private vehicle on University business.

    You must register and insure your vehicles and should keep them well maintained and road-worthy.

    In the event of an accident where the you are injured in a registered motor vehicle, the Transport Accident Commission (TAC), will pay for treatment and benefits. The TAC is a no-fault scheme. This means that medical benefits will be paid to an injured person - regardless of who caused the accident.

  • Will I be covered during University-approved field work?

    If you travel for University approved work or study by public transport or personal motor vehicle, you do so at your own risk.

    The University will not accept any liability which may arise from the use of a private vehicle on University business.

    On a University approved field trip, you are provided coverage through various University insurance policies including but not limited to:

    • Public and products liability (negligence of staff or students towards third parties).
    • Personal accident (injuries to students and volunteers).
    • Travel insurance (if more than 100km from University, excluding Medicare costs).
    • WorkCover (injuries to staff).
  • Will I be covered while undertaking an internship or work placement?

    The University’s insurance program covers currently enrolled students undertaking University of Melbourne (unpaid) course accredited and approved work experience, placements and internships.

    The University must be connected to the proposed activity by either:

    • A compulsory course requirement or;
    • in accordance with a specific vocational placement agreement or contract.

    Cover may also extend to University approved work experience, placement and internship conducted in accordance with a separate Student placement agreement or a separate contract between the University of Melbourne’s school or department and the host organisation – as the respective parties.

    For this option you will need to contact your school or department to arrange a suitable student placement agreement for your proposed placement.

    Where your proposed activity does not satisfy either of the above conditions, we recommend speaking to your contact person at their proposed host organisation to request that they waive their insurance requirement as you will be undertaking the work experience as a private citizen and not as a University of Melbourne student.

    Note: If you have completed all of your course requirements, you are no longer covered by the University insurance program.

  • Can I modify my itinerary?

    Before departure

    If you have registered for travel insurance via the online portal, you can modify your itinerary, pending approval.

    After departure

    If you have registered for travel insurance via the online portal, you cannot modify your travel itinerary after departure date.

    Note: A change of itinerary of up to 48 hours for an overseas trip will not affect your insurance coverage.

    If you need to obtain additional insurance (more than 48 hours) please refer to the FAQ How can I get additional insurance while traveling?

  • Will I be covered if I need to cancel my ticket?

    Based on the policy wording, travel insurance will not cover a flight cancellation due to inability to satisfy the "condition of entry" and failure to obtain the requisite "visa" as this would not be considered an unforeseen circumstance.

    You may however, submit your claim as per the claim form (PDF 1.3 MB) should you still feel it may be valid.

    For further information, see the travel insurance policy wording Section 6 page 34.

  • How do I obtain a travel or health insurance waiver?

    We will not sign Travel Insurance Waivers. Please provide your host university with our Travel Insurance Certificate, Policy Wording and Policy Schedule.

    We do not provide health insurance for students or staff. If our travel insurance is not sufficient for your host university, you will need to arrange the necessary insurance outside the University of Melbourne’s insurance program.