When you’re undertaking your approved University course requirements, you can access travel, personal accident, professional indemnity and public liability insurance cover.

To ensure you’re better protected as a student, you may require insurance if you are taking part in internships, work experience, special electives or required to travel as part of your studies.

Keep your paperwork

You should always keep a copy of any document you lodge as part of an insurance claim.

Travel insurance

If you are a currently enrolled University of Melbourne student and are yet to complete your course requirements, you are eligible for travel insurance if you are required to travel as part of your course, or if your intended travel has been approved by your department or faculty prior to your departure.

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Personal accident insurance

As a student, you may receive automatic coverage for personal accident, insurance in connection with your approved course activities.

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Public and products liability insurance

Claims for bodily injury or property damage to third party occurring as a result of an occurrence in connection with the business anywhere in the world during the period of insurance.

Professional indemnity insurance

Claims made to the insured and insurer during the policy period for breach of professional duty by reason of any act, error or omission, together with costs and expenses incurred in settlement of such claims.

This is a claims made policy, which means the policy covers claims made to the insurer during the policy period. It is vital to inform insurance as soon as possible of any incidents which may give rise to a claim in the future, as if a claim is lodged in one calendar year for an incident which occurred in a previous year, the insurer may be able to deny liability.

Policy documents and forms

Policy wording, claim forms and certificates.

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Frequently asked questions

Get answers to common questions about the University insurance program.

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