Travel insurance

Travel insurance cover is providedĀ for enrolled University of Melbourne students while undertaking authorised University travel.

Maximum 365 days cover

Maximum duration of cover for any trip is 365 days. UoM’s Travel Insurance Policy will cease should any travel exceed this duration.

High risk travel

If you intend to travel to DFAT level 3 or 4 countries, please refer to the student travel and transport policy and health and safety for details on the approval process and relevant forms to complete.

Travel insurance for business/study

If you’re studying overseas through an Exchange program, a Short-term program or Study Away for graduate researchers, you will automatically be registered for travel insurance.

All other students must register for travel insurance.

Please allow at least four weeks to obtain approval, and see the policy documents for complete details.

If you are experiencing difficulties with the Student Travel System - Terra Dotta, including travel and insurance registrations, please raise your enquiry with Technical Support - Student Travel Systems (Terra Dotta and AlertTraveler app).

Incidental private travel

Incidental private travel is covered for students where it satisfies the following elements:

  • It does not exceed the equivalent number of business travel days and is up to a maximum number of 20 days and;
  • Has been approved by the University as per standard protocol if visiting a level 3 or 4 country or region.

Note: Weekends, local public holidays, semester breaks and graduate researchers’ recreation leave during approved University travel are covered in addition to above personal travel.

  • Scope of travel insurance cover

    Domestic travel

    The University travel Insurance can cover a journey in excess of 100 kilometres excluding commuting to and from work, however:

    • The scope of cover within Australia is limited, as the insurer (Chubb) cannot pay medical expenses in Australia due to Medicare.
    • Staff are covered for injury and illness when performing work-related activities anywhere in Australia.
    • As a driver or passenger in a registered motor vehicle on Victorian public roads Staff and Students will be covered by the TAC (Transport Accident Commission).
    • There is no cover for the loss of, or damage to a private (non-University) vehicle. Staff and Students must ensure that their vehicles are adequately insured.

    See the travel insurance policy wording (PDF 2.1 MB) for details on each section of the policy including definitions (page 11).

    The travel insurance policy schedule provides details on limits of cover as per the sections of the Policy Wording including excesses. Note that the policy schedule supersedes policy wording e.g. though the policy wording does not exclude cover for mobile phones, mobile phones are excluded in the policy schedule.

  • Key exclusions


    COVID-19 Medical and Additional costs are covered should a student contract COVID. This includes associated isolation costs, changes to travel itinerary, emergency repatriation, loss of deposits and cancellations.

    Where the University’s travel policy will not respond is in a situation where governments may shut borders / change local directives due to new COVID directives.

    Other exclusions

    • Travel undertaken solely during any period of leave of absence or if the student is not enrolled. See the general exclusions and exclusions specific to each section of the travel insurance policy wording for more details.
    • Examples of selected excluded activities are provided below:
      • Downhill skiing and performing jumps;
      • skiing off the designated trails;
      • aerial activities such as skydiving, air ballooning, aerobatics;
      • any professional sport.
    • Sanction Clause page 54 of Travel Insurance Policy Wording: This insurance does not apply to a specially designated person, entity, group or company on the Specially Designated List or to the extent that trade or economic sanctions or other laws or regulations prohibit us from providing insurance, including but not limited to, the payment of claims. For details refer to DFAT.
    • It is not the intention of this policy to provide cover for personal travel that includes leisure activities but rather, low risk travel e.g. sightseeing. You may purchase your own travel insurance to cover your personal travel component to ensure your needs are met.
  • Claims process
    1. Check the travel insurance policy schedule to ensure your costs are within the limits and above the excess applicable.
    2. Once confirmed, complete the travel insurance claim form (PDF 1.3 MB).
    3. Submit your claim form as soon as possible (even if partially complete) so the claims assessor can review against the policy wording and schedule. You may include any queries in your email to the claims assessor.

    Claim proceeds

    Where university property is involved, claim proceeds can be directed to the University's bank account:

    BSB: 083 - 170
    Account: 515618328
    Swift code: NATAAU 3303M
    Account Name: The University of Melbourne - Operating Account
    Bank: National Australia Bank
    Branch: 129-135 Elgin Street, Carlton. Victoria. 3053. Australia

    Remittance and Themis code confirmation

    Please ensure remittance is sent to

While travelling

While travelling we recommend you carry your policy number and the emergency contact details:

Your Chubb policy number for insured students
Students 02.PP.015907
Chubb Assistance in case of emergency
P:+61 2 8907 5995
More information
Chubb Assistance

Private Leisure Travel Insurance*
Chubb Travel Insurance Australia

*Comprehensive cover for personal holidays. Purchase Separate Policy with own Policy No.
Can be used to purchase an Extra Period of Cover for an existing trip – under this alternative “Chubb”
Travel Ins. Policy. Note: The UoM receives 10% commission on all [Net] premiums paid