Under 18 International Student Supervision Program

This program provides additional support, guidance and activities for international students under 18 years of age.

About the program

By participating in the Under 18 International Student Supervision Program, you will be able to:

  • ensure your accommodation is approved and appropriate for your needs
  • meet other international students from across the University, and build important connections with our dedicated staff
  • attend a program of events, activities and workshops designed exclusively to support your transition to university, help you succeed academically, and feel part of University life
  • discuss any issues about your living arrangements, or seek approval to change your accommodation
  • have regular face-to-face check-ins with our Under 18 team.

Who needs to participate?

All international students under the age of 18 who are living in either pre-approved or alternative accommodation must participate in the Under 18 International Student Supervision Program.

More information on choosing accommodation is available on Get Started at Melbourne.

Participants must be part of the the program from the date they arrive in Australia (even if it is before starting their University of Melbourne course) until turning 18.

You'll also need to let us know if you'll be away from your approved accommodation (for example, if you're going to be travelling outside Australia).

Program requirements

Participants in the Under 18 International Student Supervision Program must meet regularly with our U18 team. They must also attend the program induction and a series of interactive workshops, tailored individual appointments and informal drop-in sessions. These include:

  • Program induction

    The program induction will enable you to:

    • understand how the program works
    • understand your responsibilities and the support available to you
    • meet the University of Melbourne U18 team, and other U18 students (past and current)
    • meet academic staff from your Faculty
    • ask any questions.
  • Workshops

    We host a range of workshops for Program participants, including:

    Workshop nameWorkshop description
    Get ready to learn

    Learn strategies to help you study efficiently and effectively

    Understand how the library can assist with your research, assignments and referencing

    Early planning for a successful semester

    Develop practical short and long term planning and revision strategies

    Making social connections (chit chat)

    Develop your conversation skills for improved social connections

    Maintaining wellbeing and cultivating resilience

    Develop strategies to thrive in your new environment

    Preparing for exams

    Develop skills and strategies to prepare for exams

  • Regular face-to-face check-ins

    Drop-in sessions with our U18 team, where you can

    • ask questions
    • seek advice and support
    • talk to us about how life at university is going.


Use our Fees and payments page to calculate your fees for the Under 18 International Student Program, and learn how to make payments.