Updating your visa status

Your visa status may change before or during your time at the University.

Before you commence your course

If you applied to the University of Melbourne as an international student, but become an Australian permanent resident or New Zealand citizen, or acquire any other type of temporary visa, before you start your course (i.e. while completing your enrolment), you must complete and submit a Change of Citizenship form.

You will be reassessed to determine if you are eligible for a Commonwealth Supported Place (if available).

After you commence your course

International students who have commenced their course and are granted a new visa should notify Stop 1 depending on the type of visa granted.

Temporary visa

If you are granted a new temporary visa, you should let us know by submitting an enquiry. Your enquiry should be titled 'Change of visa'.

Although you'll remain an international full-fee paying student, please be aware of any conditions and entitlements that may change as a result of your new visa (other than a student visa).

Permanent residency

If you are granted a permanent visa or New Zealand citizenship, you need to complete and submit a Change of Citizenship form. You'll then receive further information about your student status and fee liability.