US Veterans Affairs education benefits

The US Department of Veterans Affairs offers benefits to help veterans, service members, and their qualified family members with education costs.

The University of Melbourne is an approved institution for the administration of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs funding.

To find out whether you qualify for Veterans Affairs benefits, visit the US Department of Veterans Affairs. If you qualify, the US Department of Veterans Affairs will pay eligible student education benefits for an approved program of study.

Course approval

You can check whether your intended course of study at the University of Melbourne is approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs using their Institution Search tool.

You will need to enter the following details:

  • Institution name: University of Melbourne
  • Program Type: Institution of Higher Learning
  • Country: Australia.

If your course has not been approved

If your course is not yet approved, you can contact us to request approval.

Due to the large volume of course approval applications, you may only submit a request for approval if you can provide a Certificate of Eligibility from Veterans Affairs and you have an offer for a course at the University of Melbourne. The course approval process can take between four to six months, so please apply as early as possible.

How to apply

To apply for Veterans Affairs education benefits, you need to submit an application to the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

Foreign school tuition is currently capped at US$23,671.94 annually, and will be prorated based on your eligibility tier. If the benefits you qualify for are insufficient to meet your expected costs, you may wish to apply for US Financial Student Aid.

For more information please visit Veterans Affairs or call them on +1 716 857 3196 (dial 1 to be placed at the head of the queue).

Certifying your enrolment

To have your enrolment certified, please complete the following steps:

  1. Ensure your program is approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs (as above).
  2. Apply to study at the University of Melbourne.
  3. Submit the online consent form permitting the University to provide your information to the Department of Veterans Affairs, and upload a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility.
  4. Receive an offer for your chosen course.
  5. Commence your studies.

Benefit disbursement

Housing allowance and book stipend payments

Once you have completed your first full month of study, your housing allowance and book stipend payments will commence. Your first payment should include backpay for the previous month.

Tuition fees

The University will extend your fee due dates until after the tuition cheque is received from Veterans Affairs. You will be exempt from any debt sanctions or late payment fees until seven days after the cheque clears.

You will be notified via your student email when the cheque arrives, and again when the funds have cleared and been allocated to your student record. Foreign currency cheques usually take between three and five weeks to clear.

Any tuition fees owing are automatically deducted from the allocated amount, after which any remaining funds will be deposited into your nominated bank account via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). If your details are correct, this should take around seven to 10 days from the date you have been notified of the funds being allocated to your student record.

If the cheque amount does not cover the tuition fees that are due, you will need to pay the difference within seven days of the date you have been notified that the funds have been allocated to your student record.

Reconfirming your enrolment each study period

You must request that your enrolment be confirmed at the commencement of each semester or period of study. You will need to do this as soon as you have finalised your enrolment.

If you withdraw or drop a subject, you may have to repay all or part of the benefits you have received for that subject. You must notify us if you:

  • Reduce your hours of enrolment by withdrawing from a subject
  • Withdraw from your studies
  • Make any other changes that would affect your status.

If you have any questions regarding Veterans Affairs processes at the University of Melbourne, please contact us.

More information

  • For information on applying for benefits, see the US Veterans benefits site.
  • For further details on available financial assistance programs, contact the relevant government agency in your home country.
  • For information on how these programs work at the University of Melbourne, contact our International Financial Aid team.