Standards for equity support

Information about student equity and disability support standards at the University of Melbourne for students, staff, and the wider University community.


We expect students who are Registered for ongoing support to:

  • Initiate and maintain contact with staff including academic staff to communicate their academic support needs
  • Regularly check their student email account and student portal for information and announcements
  • Contact academic staff for extension requests before the assessment due date
  • Promptly advise Student Equity and Disability Services with changes to their condition and manage their enrolment accordingly
  • Be aware of the expiry date of their study adjustments and the processes involved for updating support.
  • Abide by the Student Charter:

Student Equity Advisers

To ensure equitable support for registered students, Student Equity Advisers will:

  • Determine the need and nature of study adjustments through discussion with the student
  • Act on information in a timely manner to optimise students’ participation in educational programs and student life
  • Coordinate comprehensive student support services (e.g. interpreting services, accessible formatting) and monitor, in partnership with faculties and graduate schools, at-risk student progress
  • Advocate on a student’s behalf to secure study adjustments in exceptional circumstances where a student does not have the functional ability to do so themselves.

Teaching staff

To ensure an equitable learning environment, University teaching staff are expected to:

  • Create a safe and welcoming class environment where students feel comfortable and confident to request support services
  • Adhere to the University’s privacy policy and protect the privacy of students who share personal information in their Academic Adjustment Plan in conversation with staff
  • Monitor the performance of registered students to ensure that they are adequately supported and are not receiving any unfair disadvantage or advantage in their studies
  • Refer students to Student Equity and Disability Services if appropriate
  • Maintain academic integrity when considering study adjustments and negotiate alternative arrangements if a study adjustment is not reasonable
  • Seek advice from Student Equity and Disability Services for additional information or support.

University responsibilities

In accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cth) and the principles of the Disability Action Plan, the University will:

  • Ensure that students with disabilities have the same access to study, assessment and services as students without disability
  • Eliminate discrimination against students on the ground of disability
  • Promote recognition and acceptance of people with disabilities within the University so that all students have equal access to education and services
  • Develop a culture that understands and responds to disability as a shared responsibility
  • Foster the best and most appropriate practices in disability services
  • Extend disability training and support to academic and professional staff to ensure compliance with disability legislation and the Disability Action Plan.

Need help?

If you have questions relating to ongoing support, or if you need to get in touch with the Student Equity and Disability Support team, please contact Stop 1.