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The application process

While working on your overseas study planner, you should have received an email from us detailing the host institution, application process and the date that it is due. If you haven't received this email, please review step 3 on University of Melbourne approvals as you may not have been approved yet.

Must do

  • Access your University of Melbourne digital transcript

    For students studying on an exchange program, you will be given access to an electronic version of your University of Melbourne academic transcript free of charge via the My eQuals platform. You will be advised by Global Learning via email when the digital transcript is available. If you are participating in a non-partner program you can order a transcript using our academic transcripts FAQ.

  • Finalise your learning agreement

    As part of your application to your host institution, you may be required to submit a learning agreement. This is simply a list of subjects that you wish to take at the host institution, which will be the same as what you have put on your University of Melbourne overseas study planner. Should you be required to submit a learning agreement, this will be provided to you by the host institution you are applying to at the nomination stage.

  • Submit your host institution application

    You will be contacted by your Education Abroad Adviser once you have been nominated to your host institution. Your adviser will outline all processes, deadlines and other requirements. These applications are completed online or through paper form, which is then returned to the host institution.

    Keep in mind

    Application processes and deadlines vary depending on your chosen host institution. Your adviser will be sure to send this information to you upon approval.

    While you are submitting your application to the host institution, start thinking about the things you will need to do to prepare for overseas study. We recommend researching as soon as possible – just don't pay for anything until you have received your acceptance notification from your host institution.

  • Receive your host institution acceptance notification

    The University of Melbourne will usually receive your acceptance notification first. We will notify you immediately via your student email when it arrives.

    If you are sent your acceptance notification directly from your host institution and you have not heard from us, please forward a copy of the acceptance notification to your Education Abroad Adviser by:

    1. Submitting an online enquiry to Stop 1
    2. Labelling the enquiry subject as 'Acceptance - exchange/non-partner'
    3. Including your Student ID and host university under 'Subject'.

    If you receive your acceptance notification in hard copy through the mail, please ensure that a copy has been provided to the University of Melbourne so that we have it on file. To do so, please:


    Acceptance to your host institution usually takes from four to 12 weeks from when your application is sent overseas – however, this can vary significantly depending on your destination. For more information about estimate timeframes for particular regions, visit our Exchange Application Processing FAQ.

  • Re-enrol for the semester you are overseas

    You must re-enrol at the University of Melbourne for the study period(s) you will be away, so make sure you check important re-enrolment dates. We would recommend enrolling in the subjects you would be taking at the University of Melbourne if your overseas study plans are not approved.

    Once we have received notification of acceptance to your host institution, you will receive a request through my.unimelb to complete a ‘Placeholder Enrolment Questionnaire’ to confirm your Placeholder enrolment during the overseas study period. Once you have responded to the request, you will be enrolled into the relevant Placeholder subjects and withdrawn from your UoM subjects. This means you will not be expected to undertake studies at the University of Melbourne during your overseas study period, but you will maintain your enrolment in your degree while you're away.

    Note: Placeholders have census dates and you must notify us prior to the census date of any changes that need to be made to your placeholder subjects.

Good to do

  • Attend a host institution application session

    Host institution application sessions may be available depending on where you are applying. Your Education Abroad adviser will let you know if an appropriate session is available to you.

  • Attend an external scholarship session

    External scholarships sessions may be held to promote certain scholarships. To find out what sessions are available, see our student services workshops and sessions page.

What's next?

Step 6: Get ready