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Stop 1 Re-Enrolment Lab

The re-enrolment lab is now open!

The lab is a  pop-up self-service space designed to support you through the re-enrolment process for 2024. Visit the lab on level 1 of Stop 1, 757 Swanston Street. Open Monday - Friday from 11am to  4:45pm. Walk-ins only.

Common questions

  • What should I do if I fail a subject?

    If you have failed or withdrawn from a subject after the census date, you should:

    • Refer to Failing a Subject to understand how it might impact your academic progress and to explore support services
    • For core or pre-requisite subjects, check the Handbook to confirm when you can repeat them
    • If you’re a student visa holder and think you can’t finish your course on time, book a Course Planning appointment
    • If you’re a domestic student accessing a HELP loan, make sure you understand the completion rate requirement.

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  • How can I plan my subjects for overseas study?

    Before you apply for overseas study, you need to make sure it will fit into your degree.​

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  • I'm a new student, how do I plan my course?​

    It's important to understand your responsibilities and options so you can make the most of your course. ​

  • How can I transfer to a new course?

    In most cases, you will need to submit a new course application.

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  • Can I reduce my study load?

    Different study load requirements apply for international student visa holders and domestic students. ​

    • Student visa holders, if you enrol in less than 50 points in any half-year period and you will not be able to complete your course before your CoE expires, check if you are eligible to apply for an approved Reduced study load
    • Domestic students, you can self-manage a part-time study load by enrolling in fewer subjects, noting that it may take longer to complete your course
    • If you’re considering withdrawing from a subject, first check Subject withdrawal to understand the implications of withdrawing at different times in the semester.

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    RSL page and form (recommended) Enquiry

  • How can I add a concurrent diploma to my course?

    Most undergraduate students and some Master by coursework students can add a concurrent diploma.​

    • Refer to the step-by-step guide to check your eligibility and start your application, including your diploma course plan
    • If you are a student visa holder, your plan must show that you can complete your main degree and diploma without extending your current CoE
    • If you need help with your diploma application, contact Course Planning and attach your plan or My Course Planner link. ​

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  • How can I plan for future graduate study?​

    Explore your graduate degree options and entry requirements early during your undergraduate studies so you are ready to apply.​

    • Check out our Careers services and Events for future students to learn more about potential graduate pathways
    • Use Find a Course to check the entry requirements for the graduate courses you want to apply for
    • Use My Course Planner to assess if you are on track to meet future entry requirements. You can send the link to your plan via a Course Planning enquiry if you need help planning pre-requisites.​

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  • I'm having trouble enrolling in a subject on my Study Plan

    Please take the following actions if you're unable to enrol in a subject on your Study Plan:​

    • Confirm you meet the subject requirements by checking the Handbook
    • Check there are no sanctions that are impacting your enrolment
    • Complete any outstanding tasks on your Study Plan (e.g., Career Census, Highest Level of Completion)
    • If you still can't enrol, submit an Enrolment Assistance Form to request manual enrolment into subjects.​

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  • How do I plan my course with advanced standing (credit)?​

    You must apply for advanced standing within your first year of study at Melbourne. ​

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  • How can I book a Course Planning appointment? ​

    For advice on your current admitted course, book an in-person or virtual appointment using the link below. ​

    • If you're unable to book, check back daily for appointments released at 9am and 12pm Monday to Friday​
    • Prior to attending, please prepare for your appointment
    • You can also submit your questions via an enquiry form and a Course Planning Adviser will assist you by email
    • For questions regarding applications or offers for future study, contact the Future Students Team.

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Other enquiries

Our dedicated advisers manage a high volume of enquiries. Before you get in touch, please check if you can find a solution to your enquiry using the following resources:

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