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  • I have failed a subject, what should I do?

    If you have failed a subject, please see the corresponding FAQ page for advice on the following:

    • How to plan out and enrol into your remaining studies
    • Effects on academic progress
    • Implications on student visas
    • Assessing why you failed
    • Available support services

    If you are disappointed about your results and want to seek a review, the first step is to seek feedback by contacting  your subject coordinator about the reasons for your grade. The results review page explains the formal process for appealing a grade and we recommending reading assessment disputes information published by the Student Union.

    Please note, if you would like to sit a 'make-up' exam, this can only be facilitated if you are granted special or supplementary assessment.

    Special assessment (which may be a special exam) is awarded as a special consideration outcome. After the final results release date, you cannot apply for special consideration. The only exception to this rule is where you can demonstrate that exceptional circumstances prevented you from applying for special consideration by the due date.

    For more information about application deadlines, please visit the special consideration page.

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  • How do I find the date, time, and location of my exam?

    Once your exam timetable is released, you will be able to view your individual exam timetable on your my.unimelb homepage.

    Your timetable will include your:

    • Exam date
    • Start and end time
    • Duration of reading time (if applicable)
    • Exam format
    • Exam venue
    • Alternative Exam Arrangements (if applicable)

    Some exams will be coordinated by your faculty and will not appear on your exam timetable. If you have any faculty-managed exams, you will be notified by your Subject Coordinator.

    Check if your subject has further assessment tasks such as take-home, practical, oral or performance exams, via your LMS subject site.  If one of your exams or assessments is missing from the timetable or your LMS subject site, please contact your Subject Coordinator.

    If you can't view your full timetable in my.unimelb, try searching for your individual subjects using the subject code via the exam timetable system.

    To ensure you have all the information and details you need to plan your exam schedule carefully, please refer to my.unimelb homepage for your full individual exam timetable.

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  • What should I do if I cannot take, am late for, or have missed my exam? 

    You must ensure you are available to attend your assessments during the exam period. The University will not reschedule exams for circumstances that are considered reasonable in your control, such as employment commitments, travel, and social engagements such as weddings or birthdays.

    If you are running late to your on-campus exam, you will still be permitted to enter your exam up to 30 minutes after the start of the writing time. After this time, if no student has left the venue, you will be permitted to enter. Extra time is not given to students who arrive late.

    For online exams, you can commence your exam any time after its start time and before its end time, however, you will not be granted extra time to complete your exam if you are late.

    If you have experienced unexpected circumstances outside of your control and are unable to attend, you may be eligible for Special Consideration. There are strict deadlines for submitting a Special Consideration application. If you are unsure what to do, call Stop 1 as soon as possible to discuss your situation and options.

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  • How do I decline my special exam?

    If you're offered a special assessment or exam and no longer wish to accept it, you can decline the special exam and accept your original mark instead. To do so, you must submit the Special Exam Decline form.

    If you've been invited to graduate but have been offered a special assessment for a passed subject, you must decline the special assessment by the deadline to ensure you graduate on time. If you decide to sit your special assessment, then you won’t be eligible to graduate in the current graduation round as your result will not be finalised in time. You will instead be invited to the next graduation round.

    Opening an exam counts as an official exam attempt. If you don’t intend to take the special assessment, do not open your exam as this will count as an attempt and your mark will supersede your previous attempt, even if it is 0.

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  • Am I eligible for Final Subject Assessment (FSA)?

    If you've failed a single subject in your last year of study, and would otherwise have completed your course, you might be eligible for Final Subject Assessment (FSA).

    If you meet the strict eligibility criteria, you may be offered an additional assessment for the failed subject to successfully pass your course.

    Please note, you can’t apply for FSA. Your faculty will advise you if you're eligible and your FSA will likely be conducted in the special and supplementary exam period for either study period.

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  • Why do I have a WAF grade?

    A WAF grade means that a subject result is withheld pending the finalisation of an assessment. This can be used in situations where:

    • A special assessment (not held during the special or supplementary exam period) has been awarded as an outcome of a special consideration application
    • Other additional assessment is being considered
    • The result has been withheld pending the outcome of an academic misconduct hearing.

    If you’ve received a WAF grade for a subject, please check your student email regularly for further information from your faculty.

    If you have not received information from your Faculty after 10 business days of the WAF grade being visible, please contact your subject coordinator for information.

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  • I would like my exam reassessed. How can I do this?

    Step 1: Speak to your Subject Coordinator

    If you have any queries about your mark, you are encouraged to first seek feedback by speaking to your subject coordinator about the reasons for your results in that subject.

    These discussions can help you understand your overall result; they are not an opportunity to request that your exam paper be re-marked or that your mark be adjusted.

    If you have performed below expectations in an exam and wish to view your paper, you may do so by requesting a script viewing session. Some Departments, Schools and Faculties have official script viewing sessions for each subject. If your subject does not have an official viewing session, contact your subject coordinator.

    Step 2: Contact UMSU Advocacy for assistance

    Step 3: Submit a Special Consideration application (optional)

    Step 4: Apply for Fee Remission (optional)

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