Weighted Average Mark (WAM)

The Weighted Average Mark (WAM) provides an indication of your overall academic performance in each course undertaken here at the University.

The Weighted Average Mark (WAM) is calculated progressively as your subject results are added in my.unimelb.

Update to WAM assessment for First Half Year 2020

The University of Melbourne Academic Board has revised assessment of the Weighted Average Mark (WAM) for First Half Year (FHY) 2020.

The Academic Board has resolved that results from First Half Year 2020 subjects will not be included in the calculation of a student’s Weighted Average Mark (WAM) unless the mark achieved for the subject is equal to or higher than the WAM the student had achieved at the beginning of the semester. Note that this will only be reflected in my.unimelb and on your Statement of Results after results are finalised on the results final release date. For Semester 1, 2020 this date is 17 July 2020.

For the purposes of this Resolution, First Half Year means all subjects included in the first half year of 2020 except those subjects classified as Summer Semester subjects.

The revised WAM calculation will apply as follows, noting the following arrangements and exceptions:

  1. The WAM for programs that comprise 50 points or less in total will be calculated using normal practice, as a benchmark WAM based on prior study in that program for a student cannot be established.
  2. No First Half Year 2020 subject will be included in the WAM calculation (noting the Summer Semester exception) for a student who has yet to complete 50 points of study in their enrolled program prior to 2020, as a benchmark WAM for the student in that program cannot be established (this applies to students not covered by exception (1) above).
  3. For the Bachelors (Honours) program, subjects that receive a weighted mark below a student’s entry WAM for that program will be excluded from the WAM calculation. For the avoidance of doubt, a student’s entry WAM, in this context, is the WAM presented by the student to meet the selection resolution for that program, not the minimum WAM required for selection into the program. This applies to students who have commenced their Bachelor Honours year in the first half of 2020.
  4. All subject scores will be recorded on the transcript.
    1. Where the result does not contribute to the WAM, it will be recorded against a new code. This code makes it clear that the subject is excluded from the WAM because of COVID-19.
  5. At the conclusion of their studies, students can request that all results recorded against the COVID-19 code be included in the WAM calculation. Any such subjects will then be coded as per usual practice.
  6. The revised WAM calculation does not apply to any subjects in Higher Degrees by Research.

The University believes this decision is in the best interests of all our students. We will continue to engage with our students as we navigate these challenging times together.

At the same time, our focus remains firmly on continuing to deliver the highest quality education experience and upholding the integrity of our academic programs. We thank all students for their commitment to this.

Frequently asked questions

  • Which subjects are classified as Summer semester subjects?

    Subjects that were taught and assessed in the Summer Term period 2020 are not eligible to be excluded from the WAM calculation. This includes intensive subjects where part of the teaching or assessment extended into Semester 1 2020.

  • I am enrolled in a Year Long subject that is taught in both First Half Year and Second Half Year; will the result be assessed for WAM exclusion?

    No. Year Long subjects and subjects that finish in the Second Half Year are not eligible to be excluded from the WAM calculation. For further information please contact Stop1.

  • I am enrolled in a continuing subject in more than one Half Year Period. Will the result be assessed for WAM exclusion?

    If you are enrolled in a continuing subject, only the part of the subject you are enrolled in for First Half Year will be eligible to be excluded from the WAM calculation. For further information please contact Stop1.

  • How will the grade appear on my academic transcript?

    Results excluded from your WAM will appear on your academic transcript, Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) and published in my.unimelb. The results will show the numeric mark and standard grade. The grade will be flagged with a ‘^’ to denote that the result is excluded from the WAM (for example, 75 H2A^).
    The flagged grade will appear on the results schema on your digital transcript. A comment will appear on your transcript with information on how the WAM has been calculated. Find out more about the Grading schema.

  • When will I see the excluded grades on the results page of my.unimelb?

    Eligible results will be updated before the Semester 1, 2020 official results release date, from 3pm on 17 July. This includes results for First Half Year subjects that have already been released.

  • What is the ‘benchmark WAM’ and how will it be calculated?

    The benchmark is your WAM at the beginning of 2020. The benchmark WAM is calculated using all subjects undertaken in 2019 and earlier for which you have results. Read more about the WAM Calculation.

  • I am in the first 50 points of my course and I have received advanced standing. Will my results be assessed for WAM exclusion?

    If you have received at least 50 points of advanced standing (credit for prior study) from another University of Melbourne course, these results will be used as your benchmark WAM. Results lower than the benchmark will be excluded from your WAM. If you have received advanced standing from another institution, none of your First Half Year 2020 subjects will be included in the WAM.

  • What if I am in the first 50 points of a concurrent diploma?

    If you are enrolled in a concurrent diploma and have completed at least 50 points in your main degree, results from your degree will be used as a benchmark WAM, whether you have cross-credited them to your diploma or not.

  • What if I have a special assessment for a First Half Year 2020 subject?

    Results that have an ‘S’ grade will not be assessed for WAM exclusion. After you have completed the special assessment, if your final result is less than your benchmark WAM, the result will be excluded from the WAM.

  • Can I request to have subjects included in my WAM?

    Yes. You can request that COVID-19 grades be included in your WAM at the end of your degree. You can only request this at the end of your course and prior to graduating. By waiting until the end of your course, you will be able to calculate whether including the COVID-19 grades will increase your WAM.

    Once your request is processed, all of your COVID-19 grades will be changed back to standard grades and included in the WAM calculation.

    Note, some course entry requirements may stipulate specific conditions about the inclusion or exclusion of COVID-19 grades in 2020 in determining the WAM to be used for admission. For example, the entry requirements for 2021 entry to the Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Dental Surgery, Doctor of Optometry and Doctor of Physiotherapy programs. Please continue to check course entry requirements in the Handbook for specific course entry requirements.

  • Can I select which subjects are included or excluded from my WAM?

    No. You can have either all subjects with the COVID-19 grade code included in your WAM, or none of these subjects included in your WAM. It won’t be possible to select which subjects to include or exclude.

  • What can I do if my WAM appears to be incorrect?

    If your WAM appears to be incorrect, please first check the WAM calculation by:

    • Identifying the subjects that should be included in the WAM (see above for subjects that are not included in the WAM calculation).
    • Check that you are viewing the WAM after all of your subject results are recorded in eStudent.
    • Using the formula to ensure subjects are weighted correctly.

    If the calculation still appears wrong after checking the calculation and included subjects, please forward your calculation as an online enquiry with Stop 1.

  • The graduate course I am enrolled in can be awarded with distinction. Will results that are excluded from my WAM also be excluded when calculating my distinction score?

    Yes, first half year COVID-19 grades excluded from your WAM will also be excluded when calculating your distinction score.

  • The honours degree I am enrolled in is awarded with an overall award level based on my WAM? Will results that are excluded from my WAM also be excluded when calculating my award level?

    Yes, first half year COVID-19 grades excluded from your WAM will also be excluded when calculating your award level.