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  • When will I receive my graduation invitation?

    You'll be invited to an in-person graduation ceremony after your degree has been formally conferred in advance of the ceremony round. Your degree will be conferred when you've satisfied all course requirements and are set to 'complete’. Following this, you'll receive emails from the Graduations Office about your upcoming conferral and graduation ceremony.

    If you complete your course in Semester 2, 2022, you should have received your graduation invitation in October. Please refer to the In-person graduation ceremony dates and invitations website for further information.

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  • When is my graduation ceremony?

    After your results have been finalised and you've completed your course, you'll be contacted via email to confirm your official conferral date, which is the date that will appear on your graduation certificate (testamur) and which usually happens at the end of every month.

    After your degree has been conferred, you'll receive an invitation to attend the next available in-person graduation ceremony. You can view the current graduation schedule here.

    Please note, Stop 1 can’t confirm the date of your conferral or graduation ceremony until it has been made available by the Graduations Office. Stop 1 also can’t confirm when you’ll graduate if you haven’t completed your course yet.

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  • What is involved in the in-person graduation ceremonies?

    To prepare for your graduation ceremony, it’s important to understand what to expect on the day. Please refer to the Graduation Day website for information about what to expect, ceremony running times, venue information and photos and merchandise.

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  • When will I receive my testamur?

    You'll receive a digital version of your testamur (graduation certificate) via My eQuals within 24 hours of your conferral.

    A hard-copy version will be mailed to you in the month after your conferral. You can view indicative turnaround times here.

    If you need a replacement testamur due to damage, theft, or loss, you can order a replacement from our eCommerce website. There may be a cost associated with this.

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  • Am I on track to graduate?

    If you're not sure that you've completed or enrolled in the required subjects to satisfy your course completion, you can view the Handbook and your Study Plan to check your course requirements

    If you require clarification, or need assistance getting back on track, you can speak with a specialist Course Planner to discuss your course progression.

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  • How do I obtain the evidence/confirmation that I have completed my course?

    When you complete your course, you'll receive your Academic Transcript via My eQuals after you've been formally set to ‘complete’.

    Once you've been conferred, you'll receive another updated Academic Transcript, along with your digital testamur (graduation certificate) and Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS). These will also be uploaded to your My eQuals account.

    If you need another form of evidence to prove that you've completed your course, you can order an Evidence of Qualification letter.

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  • Can I change my in-person graduation ceremony date?

    While you can't change the date of your in-person graduation ceremony, you can postpone attending your graduation ceremony through your invitation link by the RSVP deadline. If you don't RSVP in time, or need to update your response, you can submit an enquiry to the Graduations Office. Please be mindful of the graduation ceremony periods as you might not be given an opportunity to postpone an additional time.

    However, if you have exceptional circumstances for why you need to change your graduation ceremony date, you can submit an enquiry to the Graduations Office to assess your case. Please note, reasons such as employment, study, or wishing to attend the same ceremony as friends won't be considered.

    If you can’t attend your ceremony on the date you've registered and bought tickets for, you'll automatically be refunded if you don't sign in on the day of your graduation.  

    PhD graduands can choose to change ceremonies if space permits and can submit an enquiry to the Graduations Office to request this.

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  • Can I defer my conferral?

    If you have extenuating circumstances and need to change the date of your conferral, you can request to defer your conferral by selecting this option in the ‘Graduations’ tab on your my.unimelb account.

    Please make sure you do so before the deadline outlined in your conferral email that you’ll receive upon the completion of your course.

    For more information on conferring, you can view our Completing and conferring your degree website.

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  • How do I update my name for my graduation certificate/testamur?

    The Graduations Office will email all graduating students to notify how your legal name will be displayed on your graduating documentation. You'll also be provided with a deadline to make any required updates to your legal name.

    To make these changes, please submit a Change to Personal Details form with the required supporting documentation.

    Be advised that if you request a name change after the deadline, you may need to purchase updated graduating documentation that reflects this change.

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