If you want to enrol in more subjects than the standard amount in a semester, you will need to apply to overload.

What is overloading?

Overloading is enrolment in more subjects during a given study period than your course usually permits. For most courses, this means taking more than 50 points in a standard semester.

A standard full-time study-load is 50 point. The minimum for a full-time load its 37.5 points. More than 50 points is considered over-load.

Overloading is normally limited to bachelors and masters coursework students who are in their final semester or who have obtained consistently good results.

You can enrol in up to 25 points in both the Summer and Winter terms without overloading. Enrolment beyond 25 points is not possible.

Can I overload?

You can overload if:

  • you are in your final semester and you need to overload by 12.5 points to finish your course.

You will usually be approved to overload if:

  • you have a course Weighted Average Mark (WAM) of at least 70% (H2B), and
  • you have completed a full-time study load during the previous semester, and
  • you received no fails during the previous semester.

Use the self-guided assessment tool below to find out if you're eligible to overload.

Before committing to overload, ensure that you have planned your study load carefully. Be aware that overloading by 12.5 points will add around 170 hours to your study load. This is approximately 12 hours per week across a standard semester (including assessment period).

Ensure you have thoroughly considered how you will manage:

  • additional assessment requirements
  • increased time commitment for study
  • potential timetable clashes
  • the impact on your academic goals, including your WAM
  • the effect overloading may have on other activities including part-time work, internships, sports, or social activities, or carer responsibilities
  • the effect your increased study load may impact your wellbeing in other ways.

Examples of when overloading is and isn't required

  • Taking two subjects in Winter Term

    Casey is enrolled in 50 points for Semester 2, and wants to take an additional two subjects in the Winter Term. She doesn’t need to apply for overloading, as she can self-enrol in up to 25 points in Summer and Winter Terms.

  • Taking a year-long subject

    Tienyi is enrolled in a year-long subject worth 25 points, as well as three subjects in Semester 1. She also wants to take an extra subject in Semester 1. She will need to apply to overload, as she is already enrolled in 50 points in Semester 1 (3 x 12.5-point subjects + ½ x 25 point subject = 50 points).

  • Overloading in the final semester of a degree

    Uri has five subjects left in his Bachelor of Arts, and he wants to finish the degree next semester. Even though his WAM is below 70%, he is eligible to overload by 12.5 points to finish his course, and to enrol in a total of 62.5 points in his final semester. He will need to submit an application to overload.

Please note that overloading is not considered acceptable grounds to apply for Special Consideration or extensions to assessment due dates.

In many cases, there are various options for you to manage your studies, and there may be other avenues for you to explore. If you wish to seek advice on what options may be open to you, you can book an appointment with a course planning adviser.

How do I apply to overload?

  1. Ensure you are already enrolled in 50 points in the next semester.
  2. Choose the subject you would like to add based on your course requirements.
  3. Add the extra subject on your study plan on my.unimelb. The subject status will appear as 'Planned'.
  4. Check your eligibility to overload against the criteria above.
  5. Once you are confident that you meet the eligibility requirements, apply to overload using the button below.

Apply to overload

What fees will apply for overloading?

There are no fees for the process of overloading, however standard subject rates apply for each subject you take. If you are in a Commonwealth Supported Place, you may undertake the additional subject on a Commonwealth-Supported basis.

Further help

For further assistance regarding your study load options, you can book a course advice and enrolment assistance appointment at Stop 1.