Next steps

Now that you have decided to study overseas, it's time to work towards completing your application. Find out what to do next.

Complete the myWorld First Steps program

The first step towards applying for overseas study is to complete the myWorld First Steps online program.

Completion of myWorld First Steps is compulsory for anyone wanting to submit an application for an exchange program. The program will provide you with the information you need to begin researching and planning for your exchange.

Note: myWorld First Steps is compulsory for all semester or year-long exchange applications and your completion of the program will be checked when assessing your application.

In addition to these sessions, there are explore my exchange optionsapplication and occasionally institution-specific information sessions offered during semester. Check the student services workshops and sessions page for further information about these events.

Start researching on your own

After completing the myWorld First Steps online program, we're sure you'll be inspired to start researching on your own to start making those early decisions. We strongly recommend starting your research as early as possible to give yourself the best overseas experience. For those in the researching and planning stages, the Step-by-step guides can be a helpful resource.

If speaking to others would be helpful, there are a number of ways you can get in touch with returned students who may be able to answer questions and give you further insight. We recommend you have a look at our blog, join Melbourne University Student Exchange Society (MUSEX) and Global Society as well as attend events such as our Fair and Explore my exchange options sessions.

Begin course planning

When planning overseas study, you will need to consider your overall course structure and plans in terms of your degree requirements and major(s). It's important to think about how studying overseas can affect your course; you may have compulsory subjects that must be taken, regardless of whether you study overseas. You can use the Overseas Exchange Credit Planning Checklist (PDF 220.4 KB) to assist in choosing the right subject areas and host institutions for your degree. Scheduling a chat with a Stop 1 adviser is another great way to start planning your subjects for your overseas study.

Students studying law and science in particular will need to be very careful with their selection and are advised to seek help if they are unsure. Stop 1 and your Discipline Adviser will be able to point you in the right direction.

*Law students must also satisfy requirements as listed by the Melbourne Law School.