Step 9: Create your timetable - Section contents

Once you've enrolled in your subjects, you will be ready to register in classes and create your timetable.

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1. Know your class registration opening dates

Semester 2, 2019 subjects

Subject year level Class registration opening time
Graduate and Honours subjects 10am, Tuesday 2 July 2019
Third year undergraduate subjects 10am, Tuesday 9 July 2019
Second year undergraduate subjects 10am, Thursday 11 July 2019
First year undergraduate subjects          10am, Tuesday 16 July 2019

2. Plan your timetable

Planning your timetable before class registration opens can make it easier and quicker for you to get the timetable you want. Follow our step-by-step guide to planning your perfect timetable.

3. Create your timetable

You can build your class timetable through my.unimelb once class registration has opened. Follow our step-by-step guide to register into classes and create your personal timetable.

Create your timetable

Different class types

Subjects may be made up of lectures, tutorials, laboratories and/or seminars. Check the subject entry in the Handbook for the list of class types. You will need to register for each class type separately.

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Can't register for classes?

If you have issues completing your timetable, use our class registration troubleshooting page to find a solution.

I have created my timetable. What's next?