Student card

Whether you're studying on-campus, overseas or online, all enrolled students must order a student card. Your student card is used for identification, building access, exams and University transactions. It is issued at the commencement of your course and should be retained for the life of your course.

Your card must be:

  • Carried at all times whilst on University property
  • Presented on request by an employee of the University or security personnel
  • Presented when borrowing books from the University libraries
  • Presented when using any of the secure access labs
  • Displayed on your allocated desk at University examinations
  • Used solely by you and never shared with others.

How to get your student card

Use the fields below to find out how to get your student card.

Need help with your student card?

If you're experiencing difficulties obtaining your student card, please visit our student card troubleshooting FAQ or submit an online enquiry to Stop 1.