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  • Can I withdraw from subjects after the census date?

    The subject withdrawal process varies depending on the time of semester.

    • Refer to Subject withdrawal for instructions and to understand the implications of withdrawing at different times in the semester, including after the census date.
    • After the last date to withdraw without fail, you may be eligible to apply for a late withdrawal through Special consideration and/or Fee remission if you have documented special circumstances.

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  • I'm having trouble enrolling in a subject on my Study Plan

    Please take the following actions if you're unable to enrol in a subject on your Study Plan:

    • Confirm you meet the subject requirements by checking the Handbook
    • Check there are no sanctions that are impacting your enrolment
    • Complete any outstanding tasks on your Study Plan (e.g., Career Census, Highest Level of Completion)
    • If you still can't enrol, submit an Enrolment Assistance Form to request manual enrolment into subjects.

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  • My study plan is empty and I can’t see any subjects to choose

    When using your Study Plan for the first time, you should be able to see the major, minor, specialisation, and subject options available for you to choose from.

    If you can only see a line with your course title and nothing else, your Study Plan needs to be expanded to include these options. The University will expand your study plan for you within two working days from the date that you were admitted to your course. Once your Study Plan has been expanded, you will be able to plan and enrol in subjects.

    If your Study Plan has not been expanded within two working days of admission to your course, you can submit a request via the Enrolment Assistance Form.

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  • What do I need to do if I have been contacted about my completion rate?

    If you are on a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) or use a HELP loan and have been contacted by the University about your completion rate and eligibility for Commonwealth Assistance, it is important you read the email carefully and follow the steps provided.

    If you have failed or withdrawn from subjects after the census date (even as a result of special consideration) and were impacted by special circumstances, you must advise the University by applying for Fee Remission in special circumstances.

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  • How do I change or add my major (or minor or specialisation)?

    Before you try to change your major, make sure you have checked the requirements in the Handbook to confirm that you can meet course rules and subject pre-requisites.

    If you are a commencing student or you have not yet enrolled in any major/minor/specialisation subjects, you should be able to make this change yourself using  your Study Plan. Watch Using my Study Plan if you’re unsure how to do this.

    If you have already passed subjects and can’t change your major/minor/specialisation yourself, submit an Enrolment Assistance Form. The Enrolment team will check your eligibility based on the space available on your Study Plan. Refer to Enrolment Assistance for further information.

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  • How can I defer my offer or apply for leave from my course?

    You can apply to defer if you’re in your first semester of study and the census date hasn’t passed. View eligibility requirements and key dates at the Defer my offer website. Please note that not all courses allow you to defer.

    You can apply for a leave of absence if you’ve completed at least one semester of study through your my.unimelb account. View eligibility requirements and key information for international students at the Leave of absence website.

    Graduate researchers must refer to the Taking leave website.

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  • I have a different question

    We are currently experiencing a high volume of subject enrolment enquiries.

    Before submitting an enquiry, please make sure you have checked our troubleshooting guide for enrolling in subjects.

    If you have an issue enrolling in subjects or updating your Study Plan, please submit an Enrolment Assistance Form for the quickest assistance. Any enquiries with a request to enrol in subjects or update your study plan will be directed to submit an Enrolment Assistance Form.

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