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Common questions

  • I’m having issues with Multi Factor Authentication (Okta)

    The Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) page has helpful quick reference guides on how to set up or reset your account.

    For any complicated issues, you can contact Student IT:

    • Call 13MELB (13 6352 - within Australia, +61 3 9035 5511 - outside Australia) and following the prompts to be put through to Student IT for help with Okta & Multi-factor Authentication (Monday to Friday only)
    • Live Chat (available Monday to Friday and weekends)

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  • How do I order and collect my student card?

    To order your first student card, please follow the instructions on the Get your first student card page.

    To order a replacement student card, please follow the instructions on the Get a replacement student card page.

    Once you have ordered your student card, you will receive two emails:

    1. Confirming we have received your student card order
    2. Confirming your photo has been approved (if you have uploaded a new one)

    Once you have received both emails, your card will be ready for collection from 2pm the following day. You can collect your card in person from Stop 1, Parkville or Southbank during opening hours.

    You won't need to book an appointment to collect your student card, but you will need to bring a current form of photo ID (passport, Australian driver licence, or other 100 points of identification).

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  • What can I do if I haven't yet received my student card?

    Some reasons you may not have received your student card include:

    • Your online order was not finalised
    • Your student card picture was rejected
    • Your student card may be lost in the mail
    • Your student card may still be on its way to you in the mail.

    So our team can investigate further, please submit an enquiry.

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  • How can I update my name/s, title or gender?

    You can follow the steps on the change to personal details webpage to:

    • Notify the University of a change to your legal name
    • Make any corrections to your name (spelling or order) or date of birth
    • Add or update your preferred given name
    • Update your personal identifiers (title or gender)

    Please ensure you supply the required documentation when requesting a change to your personal details.

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  • How do I get a student public transport discount?

    You may be eligible for a student public transport concession, which means you can travel at discounted prices.

    You can check the eligibility requirements for discount travel for domestic and international students on our Public Transport webpage.

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  • Why can’t my Unique Student Identifier (USI) be validated?

    If there is a discrepancy between your personal details (specifically your first given name, family name, or date of birth) with the University and the USI Office, then your USI is unable to be validated. To locate the error:

    1. Check your details with the University of Melbourne by going to your Personal Details page in eStudent.
    2. Check your details with the USI Office by logging into your account and select Update Personal Details.

    If the error in your personal details is with the University, please submit a Change to Personal Details form with the relevant identification.

    If the error in your personal details is with the USI Office, you can update your details through your USI account, or contact the USI Office for assistance.

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Other enquiries

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