Enrolling in subjects - Section contents

Once you have identified the subjects you will take to meet your course requirements and academic goals, you need to enrol into your subjects via your Study Plan.

Enrolling in a subject means that you are officially admitted to study that subject. You must enrol in subjects every semester to maintain your enrolment in your course.

Note down your chosen subjects

Before you enrol in subjects, it’s useful to make a list of subjects you wish to study. Use the Handbook and explore course specific resources to understand your course requirements and explore your study options. For more advice about how to plan your subjects and course, visit the course planning page.

When making a list of your subjects it’s recommended you note down the following details for each subject, to ensure that they all fit within your course plan, and so you’re aware of key requirements and dates:

View your Study Plan

Log in to my.unimelb and select the ‘My study plan’ button from the ‘Student admin’ tile.

Log into my.unimelb

Your Study Plan is a tree diagram which displays your course according to the different types of subjects you will study as part of your course: majors, minors, specialisations, core subjects and elective options.

Watch our video for tips on how to navigate and use the Study Plan to plan and enrol in subjects.

Enrol in subjects

Enrol in all of your subjects for the next academic year by ticking 'Enrol' to the right of each planned subject for each semester. If you experience issues or errors when using your Study Plan, find out how to resolve subject enrolment issues.

Once enrolled, you will be ready to create your timetable after class registration opens, and you will be able to access subject materials in the LMS.

What to do if you missed the last date to self-enrol
If you would like to enrol into a subject after the last date to self-enrol, you will need to submit a subject change request via the Enrolment Variation form. Depending on when your request is submitted, there may be consequences for your academic record and/or fee liability.

Change subjects in your Study Plan

If you change your mind and want to add or remove subjects in your Study Plan, you can do this yourself.

Changing subjects is the process of swapping your subject selections while they are still ‘Planned’. You can change your optional subject selections by using the ‘Change’ function in your study plan. Learn more on how to change subjects.

If you have already enrolled in subjects for the upcoming semester, withdrawing from a subject will un-enrol you from it. You may choose to withdraw from a subject if you want to either change subjects or reduce your study load. There are three critical dates you must keep in mind to manage your study program.You can review these dates by checking the subject entry in the Handbook.

  • The last date to self-enrol is important to know if you are withdrawing from a subject to change into another subject. After the last date to self-enrol, you will need to submit a subject change request via the Enrolment Variation form. Depending on when your request is submitted, there may be consequences for your academic record and/or fee liability.
  • The subject census date is the last date you can withdraw from a subject without incurring the subject’s fee. Census dates are different for each subject.
  • The last date to withdraw without fail is important to know because if you withdraw from a subject after this date, you will receive a fail grade on your academic transcript for the subject.

Learn how to withdraw from a subject.


Helpful resources to help you solve common enrolment issues:

Enrolment advice

If you are a graduate researcher, please refer to information on adding or dropping coursework subjects.

If you are an incoming Exchange or Study Abroad student, you will choose and confirm your subjects during the application process at your home university. Any changes to this approved list must be submitted to the University of Melbourne via Stop 1. If after arriving at the University you decide to amend your study plan by enrolling into different subjects, you will have until each subject’s census date to make amendments.

Course and subject resources

  • Faculty or graduate school resources for useful course information.
  • The University Handbook is your definitive source of course requirements and subject information.
  • Course maps can help you to map out your course subjects and ensure you are completing the correct subject combination for your major of choice.

Next step: create your timetable

Once you have enrolled in your subjects, you’re ready to create your timetable when class registration opens. Learn more about how to create your timetable.