Examinations - Section contents

You may be required to sit one or more exams as part of your subject assessment each semester. Knowing when your exams are held, preparing for your exams effectively and understanding exam rules will allow you to perform at your best.

Check your timetable

The Semester 2 2017 exam timetable is now available.

You must plan to be in Melbourne during the entire examination period (including the special and supplementary period), as the exam timetable is subject to change.

Activity (Semester 2, 2017)Date
Exam timetable released via my.unimelb Wednesday 27 September by 5pm
SWOT Vac Monday 23 October – Friday 27 October
Exam period Monday 30 October – Friday 17 November
Special and supplementary exam timetable released via my.unimelb Monday 4 December, by 5pm
Official results release date Friday 1 December
Special and supplementary exam period Thursday 7 December – Thursday 14 December

Understanding your exam timetable

Your timetable will include your seat number, time and duration, and venue of your exam.

Seat numbers

If you can’t see a seat number for one or more of your exams in your exam timetable, don’t worry! Seat numbers are released closer to the date of your exam – just keep checking your timetable. Seat numbers are also displayed on the day at the exam venue. Read more on exam locations.

Exam time

Arrive at your exam venue early (at least 15 minutes before the exam start time) so you can find your assigned seat and get settled in. If you are running late, you can enter your exam up to 30 minutes after the start of writing time.

Your exam starts at: Writing time starts at: No entry after:
8.30am 8.45am 9.15am
12.15pm 12.30pm 1.00pm
1.15pm 1.30pm 2.00pm
4.00pm 4.15pm 4.45pm

If you’re late due to exceptional or extenuating factors outside of your control and no student has left the exam, you may enter the venue.

If you are late and able to sit the exam, you won’t be given any extra time to complete it. So, make sure you allow enough time to arrive in time for the start of your exam.

What to bring to your exam

You must have with you at all exams:

  1. Your student card. If you have lost your student card, you can bring acceptable photo ID and an electronic copy of your statement of enrolment (available via my.unimelb) as proof of your identity.
  2. Authorised materials in a clear plastic bag. While larger bags can be placed in unsecure storage facilities outside the exam venue, for peace of mind, it’s recommended you only bring small essentials that can be taken inside the exam venue.

Note: the approved calculator for all subjects is the Casio FX82 (any suffix). No equivalent models of calculators will be permitted.

Exam rules

During an exam it’s essential that you follow all instructions given by the exam supervisors. This includes:

  • no writing during reading time, and
  • putting pens down at the end of the exam.

Familiarise yourself with the exam rules ahead of time to ensure you don’t get penalised for academic misconduct.

Academic support

  • Past exam papers : use this great resource to practice for your upcoming exams.
  • Exam revision strategies: check out the Academic Skills Hub, which houses a range of quizzes, activities and learning modules to help improve your performance for exams and assignments. You can also book an individual appointment for more tailored advice.
  • Academic support worker: support services are available to eligible students through Student Equity and Disability Support.

Wellbeing support

Excessive stress about exams can lead to anxiety, loss of sleep, and other conditions that are known to negatively affect performance in exams.

The University's Counselling service provides general stress management information, and advice via their blog Ask Counselling.

For urgent support please contact:

  • Counselling +61 3 8344 6927 (during business hours)
  • You local Mental Health Service. The service for Parkville is +61 3 9377 3400
  • For 24/7 telephone support ring Lifeline on 131 114 or Beyond Blue on 1300 22 46 36

What should I do if I cannot sit my exam?

All students are required to attend their exams.

If you are too unwell to attend an exam, you may be eligible for Special Consideration if you apply within 4 working days of the exam. Please note medical documentation must be provided, and applications are not automatically approved. Read more about missing exams.

If you are awarded a special exam as an outcome of a special consideration application, you can either sit the exam or choose to decline it. Learn more about special exams.