Re-enrol in your course - Section contents

All students must re-enrol each year until their course is complete.

Re-enrolment for 2019

All enrolled students in 2018 who are continuing their course in 2019 must re-enrol to retain their place in their course for the following year.

Re-enrolment involves:

You need to re-enrol for each half year period (i.e. enrol in subjects or take leave for Semester 1 and 2) unless you're finishing mid-year. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your enrolment and/or fines.

Re-enrolment for 2019 will open on Monday 12 November 2018. The 2019 University Handbook will also be published on Monday 12 November.

Key dates

2019 re-enrolment opens Monday 12 November 2018
2019 University Handbook published Monday 12 November 2018
2019 University Timetable published Monday 12 November 2018
Timely re-enrolment period closes Monday 10 December 2018
Late re-enrolment period opensTuesday 11 December 2018
Summer Term 2019 starts Wednesday 2 January 2019
Late re-enrolment period closes Friday 4 January 2019

Don’t miss important enrolment updates

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