A Framework for 21st Century Campus Identity

Master of Architecture Independent Thesis, Melbourne School of Design
Zachariah Dahdoule

Image courtesy of Zachariah Dahdoule

Zachariah Dahdoule undertook a Master by Coursework in Architecture at the Melbourne School of Design in 2017. Dahdoule's independent thesis research used both the Precinct Project and the proposed redevelopment of the Melbourne School of Engineering precinct as case studies to propose strategies for dealing with the depletion of Teaching and Learning spaces during periods of campus construction and development.

Dahdoule's research supported the foundation of the Design Studio subjects for the Project’s Teaching and Learning framework. Using the Precinct Project as a case study, the Design Studios provide Melbourne School of Design students an opportunity to apply academic learning to a real-world workplace scenario, the outcomes of which can be used to directly inform the design of the future projects.