Research @ The Living Pavilion

Tanja Beer, Zena Cumpston, Kirsten Parris, Luis Mata, Leila Farahani, Jenny Zhou, Cristina Hernandez-Santin, Rachel Iampolski, Christina Renowden and Mark Gillingham

a cartoon gumnut and leaf

The Living Pavilion (1 May - 17 May 2019) was a transdisciplinary project connecting Indigenous knowledge, ecological science, sustainable design and participatory arts.

Presented in partnership with the New Student Precinct team, the installation was highly successful, welcoming attendees from our University of Melbourne community, as well as the broader Melbourne community.. We are thrilled to say that the Pavilion contributed to 7 formal research projects and 2 student led research projects.

To learn more about The Living Pavilion, 'please visit our project stories' page.

The Living Pavilion would not have been possible without the team of hard working researchers behind the project. The New Student Precinct team would like to thank all of the researchers involved:

  • Tanja Beer
    TLP Project Co-Director, Thrive Research Hub Melbourne School of Design The University of Melbourne
  • Zena Cumpston
    Research Fellow, (Urban Environments), Clean Air and Urban Landscapes Hub, University of Melbourne
  • Kirsten Parris
    TLP Ecological Researcher, Clean Air and Urban Landscapes Hub University of Melbourne
  • Luis Mata
    TLP Biodiversity Project Leader, People, Nature, Place Research Program; Centre for Urban Research, RMIT
  • Leila Farahani
    TLP Social Research Expert People, Nature, Place Research Program; Centre for Urban Research, RMIT
  • Jenny Zhou
    TLP Microclimate and Air Quality Analyst Monash University
  • Cristina Hernandez-Santin
    Thrive Research Hub, Melbourne School of Design, The University of Melbourne
  • Rachel Iampolski
    PhD Candidate, Centre for Urban Research, RMIT
  • Christina Renowden
    Student, Office of Environmental Programs, University of Melbourne
  • Mark Gillingham
    GLAS landscape architecture

A sign reading Wominjeka in The Living Pavilion garden

an image of a red, cartoon pencil drawing a straight line

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Precinct team.