LandscapeMATERIALITIES: Student Activated Structures

Melbourne School of Design
22 students engaged to date


Students studying Master in Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Architecture and Construction could elect to undertake the LandscapeMATERIALITIES subject in 2018. The elective aim was to engage with contemporary landscape architecture practice through guided investigative projects on materiality and technology. Students selected an area of interest from a list of nominated topics to investigate through research-design exercises. The subject emphasises exploration and encourages the development of new knowledge that can extend the possibilities of landscape architectural design.


Students worked autonomously to design and construct 1:1 prototypes for adaptable structures that could be used in the Precinct. Beginning with a focus on materiality and construction techniques, students explored ideas for temporary, site-specific structures which perform as inhabitable site furniture or interventions supportive of living systems. In the final phase, selected prototypes were refined and constructed over a series of weekend workshops. The prototypes constructed by the students are currently on display at the Project’s Engagement Space in the 1888 Building.


Material research and explorations from the elective will be provided to the Landscape Architects.