Arts and Cultural Building

The Arts and Cultural Building will host an array of retail, informal student and event spaces, focused on creating a vibrant cultural hub for students in the Precinct.

Designed with maximum flexibility in mind, the 400-seat proscenium arch Union Theatre and 120-seat black box Guild Theatres will support an array of events.

These new cultural facilities will anchor the Precinct as part of a ‘cultural spine’ extending from the Ian Potter Museum of Art on Swanston Street down to the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music and Melbourne Conservatorium of Music at Southbank. The Building will also house the new George Paton Gallery, Arts Lab and two large rehearsal and event rooms, while hosting a multitude of informal spaces and retail offerings for students.

The building will give presence to student life, encouraging the use of every space as a cultural, theatrical or informal student space throughout the year. The building will be highly-connected, featuring a series of escalators to the upper levels, and bridges across to the Doug McDonell Building (UMSU) and Student Pavilion Buildings.

Round me view of the Arts and Cultural Building ground level.