Quantitative Survey

A quantitative survey, conducted by Nature Research, was launched in February 2017 to confirm the co-creation feedback gathered through the online Co-creation Community in 2016.

The research highlighted that most students spend time on the Parkville campus between 9am – 5pm, with 60% of postgraduate students identifying a need for extended hours. Supporting this was the finding that postgraduate, mature age and international students spend significantly more time at the University after 5pm and on weekends.

In response to questions about the facilities and amenities currently on offer at Union House all student groups reported that upgrades were required. Key findings indicated that:

  • Most students access Union House to purchase food and spend on average three hours a week in the building; and
  • There is a strong demand for access to after-hours facilities, particularly from 1) postgraduate students who are the least likely group to visit Union House at all and 2) international students on the weekends.

Responding to questions about the proposed Student Precinct concept, all groups indicated that they found the concept highly appealing. Students also anticipated that they would spend more time on campus in general if they were able to access the facilities and amenities outlined in the current Student Precinct concept. Additionally, students reported that:

  • Study and relaxation spaces were key aspects they would like to see in the Precinct;
  • Events, good wi-fi and basic amenities were essential requirements that need to be included in the Precinct’s design; and
  • There was concern that an open plan design could mean no private study space and that facilities could be too spread out and decentralised.

To view the Quantitative Summary Report please click.