Micro-climate Research

Nestled amongst the foliage in the proposed Student Precinct site, micro-climate sensors are working hard to assess the temperature changes of this varied landscape.

Landscape Architecture PHD student, Wendy Walls, is using the Student Precinct as a testing ground to analyse the various micro-climates in the space. Wendy’s research investigates temperature behaviour in micro-climates and how designers can use this information to create external space for use all year round. The Student Precinct is an architecturally complex site exhibiting various solar, wind and material characteristics. The challenge for design is to address the multiple applications and intensive use by the University’s large student population in all seasons, which Wendy’s research is seeking to inform.  Additionally, Wendy’s research will provide some interesting data about the Parkville campus that we will be sharing with you in the months to come.

FUN FACT: These sensors were originally created to ensure food delivery trucks kept their cargo refrigerated.