Meet our Student Ambassadors #1

Student ambassadors are employed to support the Project's co-creation initiatives and activations, and to share Project updates with our University community.  They come from a mix of faculties, disciplines and nationalities and are a core part of the Project Team.

Mugdh Setia
Master of Management (Human Resources)

Mugdh spent her childhood years in New Delhi, India. She believes that there are always opportunities to learn new things wherever you look, both inside and outside the classroom. In her spare time, Mugdh loves to dance and meet new students on campus.

"My favourite thing about Melbourne Uni is the amount of exposure it provides. From taking part in research, to information sessions and BBQs, it gives students ample opportunities to network and learn."

Adi Marcus
Bachelor of Arts

Adi is an Australian-Israeli studying politics, Islamic studies and Latin American studies. She loves studying at the University of Melbourne as she loves exploring new ideas, people and cultures. In her spare time, she likes to scuba dive and cook. Her favourite thing about the University of Melbourne is the Wednesday Farmer's Market on the Parkville campus.

"What excites me most about the New Student Precinct is the opportunity to be an active part contributing to the final details in the design of the precinct"

Alexia Sulistyono
Graduate Diploma in Arts (Sociology)

After working as a political comic artist in Indonesia, Alexia became more interested in sociology and advocacy. Alexia was adopted by a Ukrainian-Australian mother and an Indonesian father. She is an active volunteer for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre and is hoping to obtain a second Master's degree at the University of Melbourne.

"I love studying here so much. I meet amazing people. I have the opportunity to use world-class facilities and I love how studying here challenges me and opens up a lot of new horizons."

Tom Hanson
Bachelor of Science

Tom is from Melbourne and loves being a member of the University of Melbourne Community. He is an active member of the several student groups, as a member of the tennis club, bike co-op and enthusiastic music breadth student. Outside of his studies, Tom loves to play music and ride his bike.

"I love the community here. The value system of the community is based on empowerment, trust, respect and a genuine desire to help everyone achieve their best"

Tiffany Liu
Master of International Relations

Tiffany was born in Taipei, Taiwan, and grew up in Melbourne. In the sphere of international relations, she is interested in Australian foreign policy, Asia-Pacific politics and food politics. Tiffany is passionate advocate for human rights, and is particularly passionate about social issues that pertain to race, gender and diversity, as well as issues around youth mental health.

"One of the things that really excites me about the New Student Precinct is the recognition of the diversity of the student cohort, and as a result, the need to adapt and change. It is so important that all students are given an equal opportunity to participate, engage in and access the University of Melbourne."

Rohit Kochhar
Master of International Business

Rohit loves to experience the food, people and beauty in different places and would describe himself as a traveller and a foodie. He spent his whole childhood in New Delhi before moving to Melbourne. Rohit loves the challenges of his degree and the challenges his classmates bring him.

"My favourite thing about the University of Melbourne is the cultural diversity, opportunities, and the help in building connections all over the world."

Elena Shafranova
Master of Environment

Elena is a student passionate about connecting with others and making friends from all over the world. Outside of her environmental studies, she loves to cook and learn more about different cultures through delicious food. Elena loves that the New Student Precinct brings the ideas of students into the project.

"The best thing about the University of Melbourne is the vibrant student life with a lot of opportunities to be involved."