Winner of the Next Wave Art Prize

The Project, in partnership with its arts partner Next Wave, were thrilled to announce the winners of the New School Art Prize in October 2018.

Through a University-wide open call, students were asked to submit an image in response to a curatorial prompt, to be reproduced as a temporary vinyl billboard and presented on the east wall of the Peter Hall building on the Parkville campus. A prize was open to individual artists and collectives of all academic disciplines and backgrounds.

The curatorial prompt for the New School Art Prize invited students to imagine the University as a canvas, and to consider what educational institutions can learn from the arts. The submissions were judged by a selection panel consisting members of Next Wave, the New Student Precinct, and Student Ambassadors.

The prize was awarded to Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) students, Chas Manning and Daniel Kotsimbos for their submission, Heart Imprint Brick (2018). The work is a photograph of a French Island Brick from the Miles Lewis Brick Collection, held at the Design School, University of Melbourne.

The Project is delighted to continue its partnership with Next Wave in 2019 to provide a program of arts and cultural opportunities to students from all discipline backgrounds.

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Heart Imprint Brick, 2018
Chas Manning and Daniel Kotsimbos
Digital photographic print

Artists' Statement

"Melbourne University exists because of a diversity of people contributing to competing schools of thought, with the new and old collaborating to create a unique progressive environment for education. The ‘fabric’ which makes up the institution is constantly changing and intellectually malleable, something which is a deeply human trait. At the end of an empty corridor on the third floor of the Melbourne School of Design sits several unmarked cabinets which contain the Miles Lewis Brick Collection. By simply presenting a sample from the collection in a context of higher status and greater exposure we hope to generate thought and reflection into the framework that the University of Melbourne operates within; one where physical constructions and emotional connections coexist and manifest."