New Student Precinct

Works on a world-class student precinct on the Parkville campus have commenced.

The New Student Precinct will bring together services, events, activities, and new retail opportunities to create a vibrant centre of activity on the Parkville campus.

The University is evolving and growing. With over 40% of our students now studying south of Grattan Street, increased opportunities for students to live at quality accommodation facilities close to campus, and new development Precincts such Melbourne Connect, the University is investing in opportunities to further connect the campus as urban landscape within the City of Melbourne.

To support this vision to connect our urban spaces and create a quality student experience, the University is set to reimagine the heart of student activity at Parkville through this new precinct where students can connect, study, innovate and unwind.

The majority of the Precinct construction is scheduled for completion by the end of 2021 – early 2022.

It's a space for students, designed with students in mind. Students will be able to create the spaces that they want and need. Student Ambassador feedback

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the New Student Precinct vision?

    The New Student Precinct is central to delivering the University’s ambition for a world-class campus-based student experience. The Precinct presents a co-located solution that will bring together the services, infrastructure and amenity of the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) including UMSU International, the Graduate Student Association (GSA) and key services offered by Academic Services. It will emphasise student engagement, social inclusion and diversity, and will actively deliver the University’s vision for campus spaces and places to work as living laboratories.

    Students have told us that the defining element that improves their sense of satisfaction, wellbeing and overall experience is a sense of genuine connection. Their definition of connection is made up of the experiences which enable and facilitate an integrated experience, bringing together learning, living, academic growth and development.

    The New Student Precinct will be a physical space on campus that addresses three primary strategic goals in line with the University’s Growing Esteem agenda:

    1. Quality Student Experience

    2. Precinct-based Campus Development

    3. Efficient Asset Renewal

  • Where is it?

    The Precinct will be located on the corner of Grattan and Swanston Street, and is defined by Monash Road to the north and the Melbourne School of Engineering Precinct to the west.

    The site is at the centre of the University's traditional and new student accommodation hubs, making it an ideal location for our 60,000 students to connect. It will also neighbour the University's innovation precinct, Melbourne Connect, and is conveniently located close to public transport links, including the new Melbourne Metro Rail station on Grattan Street.

    To learn more about the Precinct's location, follow this link.

  • What will the Precinct deliver?

    The New Student Precinct has been designed with students at the heart of its thinking. The facilities will The Precinct will deliver the co-location of students services, convenient access to public transport, new Arts and Cultural faciltiies, increased study space and outdoor space, as well as also delivering on several key University of Melbourne Strategies.

    To learn more about what the Precinct will deliver, follow this link.

  • Why create a New Student Precinct?

    The University is committed to supporting the contemporary needs of our students, with over 40% of students now studying south of Grattan Street, an increasing number of international students and 50/50 undergraduate and postgraduate cohort. Working closely with the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU), Murrup Barak, Graduate Student Association (GSA), in addition to student representatives across campus, the University is co-creating a New Student Precinct that will accommodate the changing necessities of an evolving student population.

    The current infrastructure dedicated to the student experience (outside of faculty) is also poor and currently non-compliant.

  • Who is designing the Precinct?

    The Precinct is being designed by a consortium of architects, lead by Lyons Architecture. Each team will be responsible for a different aspect of the design, bringing an eclectic and inventive approach to the whole of Precinct design.

    To learn more about our design team, follow this link.

  • When will it be complete?

    It is anticipated that the New Student Precinct will open mid-2022.

    However, there are a number of variables that may affect the timing of the Project and the relocation of UMSU into the Precinct. Regular updates on the progress of the Project can be found on the New Student Precinct website.

  • What does co-creation mean?

    The Project is committed to co-creating the Precinct with students as partners, the approach driven by design thinking methodology. Co-creation requires a commitment from both parties to engage in a real partnership to ensure mutually beneficial outcomes and benefits are achieved. The co-creation of the Student Precinct will enable students to be part of the governance, design and activation of the space, and to be consulted throughout the life of the Project to ensure their views inform decision-making, governance and the overall design. Since its inception, the Project Team have conducted multiple co-creation activities and events, engaging over 15,000 students to date.

  • Why is grass growing on the Precinct’s amphitheatre?

    Prior to the Precinct build commencing in the first half of 2020, grass is currently growing on the amphitheatre site. This is part of the Project’s Environmental Management Plan to mitigate the impacts of dust caused by wind blowing through the site. A site with a topsoil that is not seeded with grass can cause issues to the ventilation in adjacent buildings and to passing pedestrian traffic in the site’s vicinity.

Do you have any questions for the Project Team? Do you want more information on the Precinct? Please email us at