Project Governance

The New Student Precinct’s governance structure comprises three key decision making and advisory bodies:

Steering Committee

The New Student Precinct Steering Committee (NSPSC) is the ultimate decision making body for the Project. Committee Members are expected to make decisions in the best interest of the University’s student population, the Project and the University more broadly. Only the Steering Committee can approve changes to the Project’s scope, with major changes requiring approval of the appropriate University executive bodies.


Paul Duldig, Head, University Services (Chair)
Richard James, Deputy Vice Chancellor & Deputy Provost, Academic and Undergraduate
Desiree Cai, President, University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU)
Jonas Larsen President, UMSU International
Georgia Daly, General Secretary, Graduate Students Association (GSA)
Su Baker, Pro Vice Chancellor, Engagement
Nicky Passmore, Director, Student Success, Academic Services and Registrar
Hany Wardan, Program Manager, Strategy Projects, Project Services
Martin McCurry, Executive Director, Major Projects, Policy and Projects

Student Experience Advisory Group

The Student Experience Advisory Group (SEAG) work in an advisory capacity to the New Student Precinct Steering Committee and Project Team. It is the responsibility of SEAG to ensure a whole of University perspective is brought to the Project and that the core outcomes stipulated in the endorsed business case for the Project are achieved. SEAG is responsible for considering options and providing recommendations to the Steering Committee, who is a key decisionā€making body for the Project.


Richard James, Deputy Vice Chancellor & Deputy Provost, Academic and Undergraduate
Daniel Beratis, Student Member, UMSU/UMSU International
Aleisha Ming-Yee Hall, Student Member, Independant Student Representative
Claire MAree Demeo, Student Member, Independant Student Representative
Tony Luo, Student Member, Independant Student Representative
Sepideh Jahangiri, Student Member, GSA
Elizabeth Capp, Director, Student Equity
Karen Keeley, Associate Director, Academic Services and Registrar
Meredith Martin, Associate Director, Cultural and Public Engagement
Megan Dench, Manager, Student Engagement and Peer Programs
Long Nguyen, Director, Campus Strategy, University Services
Alistair Inham, Director, University Services Operations, University Services

Project Control Group (EEW)

The Project Control Group (PCG) for the current phase of the Project's development, Early Enabling Works (EEW), is responsible for detailed implementation and construction of the Project’s EEW. The PCG report to the Steering Committee either directly or through the Project Team. The primary role of  the PCG is to coordinate and monitor EEW, taking into consideration reports from the other governing groups to develop regular reports and monitor risk in relation to construction. In addition, the PCG makes recommendations regarding the appointment of key consultants and contractors.


Tony Murphy, Executive Director, Project Services (Chair)
Byron Collins, Executive Director, Infrastructure Services
Hany Wardan, Program Director, Strategy Projects, Project Services
Jon Peacock, Associate Director, Space Management
Mark Pickett, Facilities Planning Manager, Service
Planning and Delivery
Alex Kennedy, Project Director, New Student Precinct Project, Major Projects
Wendy Quin, Student Representative, Melbourne School of Engineering
Michelle McKay, Manager, Facilities and OH&S, Melbourne School of Engineering

Student Ambassadors

In addition to student representation in the Project’s key decision making and advisory committees, students are active contributors, decision-makers and ambassadors as members of the Project Team. These Student Ambassadors, representative of the diverse student body at the University, report to the Communications, Co-creation and Engagement Manager, Student Precinct Project, to support Student Precinct events and co-creation activities and champion the Student Precinct Project to faculty, peers and to the broader student population.

See our Get Involved page to find out how you can become a Student Ambassador